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Recruiting RNG Interview

3-Star 2020 Florida QB Ty Poorman is Set to Lead a Talented Masters Academy Squad

Written by Ryan Wright

Twitter: @RyanWrightRNG

The last two seasons for Class of 2020 quarterback Ty Poorman have been on the proving grounds of Florida’s 8A fields. The 6-1, 180-pound, field general went up against some of the best in the nation slinging the rock for 1,835 yards with 16 touchdowns in a breakthrough season with University High School in 2018. When the lights turn on for the 2019 season, the Orlando area product will be directing a Spread offense yet again but this time with Master’s Academy. The upcoming campaign is a big one for Poorman, with a lot of college programs looking in on him, and for the Eagles, with a loaded roster ready to make a Sunshine State title run.

In an RNG exclusive interview partnered with QB Hit List, I sat down with the Eagles new three-star quarterback covering his growth on the field, offseason workouts, and massive college camp circuit over the summer.


Ty, how did running the Cougars’ Spread offense fit your skillset as a quarterback last season?

“I thought it fit well. I like to throw the ball around and I can read defenses. That is my style of play.”

Your throws on balls 20 yards downfield or deeper look effortless. How have you developed your arm strength of the years including this offseason?

“This offseason I have gone to a bunch of football camps, I did a bus tour for a week straight. I have been hitting the gym with Masters. I also have a QB coach for private lessons. He has been helping me out for the past three years develop my arm strength and overall game.”

Which routes do you like to hit within the games in the Spread?

“Slants, goes, 10-yard outs, and digs.”

What were some of the biggest areas of improvement for you last season on the field?

“My leadership and being more vocal. Also, I got a lot bigger during the season. That helped with arm strength and velocity. We studied over the summer on how to read defense, knowing coverages, and making pre-snap reads to make an easier read during the play.”

You transferred this offseason to Masters Academy. What style of offense will you run in 2019?

“An up-temp Spread offense.”

What have you been working on this offseason with your technique?

“I have been working on my pocket movement, I can struggle with that, and I have been working on being more mobile. I am working to be that player who can throw it and run it.”

How have you been expanding your understanding of the game this spring and summer?

“I have watched a bunch of old football games seeing what I do well and what I did wrong. I also watch college quarterbacks seeing what they are doing and trying to understand their mindset. I have been going through film with my coach as well.”

Which college quarterbacks are you watching?

“During the season, I watch whoever is on TV. Most recently, I have watched Russell Wilson when he was at Wisconsin in their game against Michigan State.”

At this point in your career, what are the overall strengths to your skillset as a quarterback?

“My accuracy, ball placement, and how I lead the team.”

Did you compete at any college camps this summer?

“Yes. I went to Kennesaw State, Georgia State, Georgia Tech, Holy Cross, two Florida Tech camps, UCF (Central Florida), USF (South Florida), Duke, and Wake Forest.”

Wow. You competed at a lot of camps. Of them all, which was your best camp performance?

“My best camp performances were at Wake Forest and Holy Cross.”

What did you do well at those camps to make them your best?

“I feel like I did really well in the one-on-ones. The one-on-ones, that is where we show what we are about. I had no incompletions. At Holy Cross, I had great energy and did really well in the one-on-ones. My footwork was really good there as well.”

Did you go to any national camps?

“Yes. I went to the Elite 11 regional in Orlando.”

Tell me about that camp.

“That went really well. They put me in the group with Carson Beck (Georgia), Jeff Simms (FSU), and Anthony Richardson (Florida). I feel like if I was a little bit bigger, I would be seen as they are.”

Transitioning into recruiting. Which schools are showing interest in you but have not offered yet?

“I am receiving interest from UCF, Florida Tech, Holy Cross, Wake Forest, Wisconsin White Water, Heidelberg, Lehigh, Troy, and I a couple more I cannot think of right now.”

Have you taken any unofficial visits this offseason?

“Yes. I have been to Auburn, Duke, North Carolina State, North Carolina, UCF, and UNC Charlotte.”

How did the UCF trip go?

“It went really well. The campus is nice, and it is huge. I am about 20 minutes away from there. I know a lot about UCF. It is pretty cool there.”

How about Holy Cross, how did that visit go?

“It went well. The coaches there, they are young. I love that about them. The campus is super nice and their facilities are great. The campus, it is on top of a hill. It is beautiful there.”

Do you have any planned visits ahead?

“Yes. I plan on visiting Wisconsin White Water and Holy Cross again.”

When did you transfer to Masters?

“I transferred two weeks ago.”

How has summer ball with the new team gone?

“The receivers over there are really good. We have three Division I receivers and a sophomore running back who already has offers. I think we have a chance to win state this year.”

That is exciting. Last question. What goals have you set for your senior season?

“For passing yards, I want over 3,000 yards and I want to have 30 touchdowns. Because of our receiver crew, I think that is highly possible. I also want five picks or less. I need to have at least 300 rushing yards as well.”

Ty, it was great sitting down today and covering ground on your workouts, camps, and transfer. I appreciate it and wish you success working with your new teammates at Masters.

“Thank you.”


Photo credit: Poorman family; Ty Poorman at Wake Forest (left) and Holy Cross

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