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Patrick Roberg

Class of 2020

Pro Style

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  • Oaks Christian
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  • Westlake Village, CA
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  • Class of 2020


Height: 6'3"

Weight: 220 lbs.

Pro Style

Evaluation Scores

Size: 9.2

Footwork: 9.02

Accuracy: 9.08

Poise: 9.06

Arm Strength: 9.12

Pocket Presence: 9.00

Release: 9.08

Decision Making: 8.98

Throw on Run: 8.98

Touch: 9.06

Score: 90.58

Scouting Report

Patrick has excellent size for a 2020 Pro Style QB at 6’3” 220 lbs. He’s a beast on the field, playing well above the level on the field. A strong running QB who’s runs over would-be tacklers or punished them with a hard stiff arm.
His throws are made in stride with his receivers, showing good anticipation and timing of their routes. He delivers bullets throughout the field with precision, hitting his targets with quick strikes.
A strong throwing QB who can hit in all areas of the field. His high velocity throws come in so quickly, giving the defenses no time to react. He can hurt you with his short game or go long while extending the field.
An over the top delivery with a three quarter release. Patrick gets the ball off so quickly with one of the fastest releases from the class of 2020. He sets up nicely with solid footwork and body rotation.
Patrick is a super athlete who owns the field when he’s on it. He’s classified as a Pro Style but can take it in at any moment and break it for daylight. He’s quick footed and can get to a set up spot in a hurry. Hard throws including excellent forward momentum.
He does a great job working the entire field with his speed and agility. A very quick release on his drop backs, setting up in a hurry. Displays a quick first step and to move in all directions. Breakaway speed out in the open field.
He’s ready to lead a Varsity unit, well beyond his peers in maturity and ability. Very confident in his abilities, whether its as a Pocket Passer or as a Dual Threat option. He controls the flow of the game, leaving others on the field trying to catch up.
Patrick displays the ability to step up in the pocket or move away from traffic as he’s always working to hit on big plays downfield. He very comfortable within the pocket.
He can do just about anything he wants while on the field. Does a nice job exposing the weaknesses of the defense as he hits on BIG plays. Very confident QB who’s not afraid to test the defense with strikes into tight coverage.
He’s a strong throwing QB who’s able to take something off his throws to add a softer touch.

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