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AJ Mathis

Class of 2020

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  • West Laurens High School
  • |
  • Dublin, GA
  • |
  • Class of 2020
My name is AJ Mathis. I am a junior at West Laurens High School in Laurens County (GA). Since the age of 8, everything I have done on and off the field has been for my lifelong dream of being a college athlete. Words cannot properly describe my love for this game and what it offers me. I want to use the game to prepare me for life. Football gives me the opportunity to pursue my passion of being a leader, as well as making my team and teammates around me great. As a 2 year starter at Quarterback. I have learned that success comes not only from pushing myself, but challenging my teammates also to be the best that they can be. As a result, my teammates recognized my leadership by voting me a permanent Captain at the end of my sophomore year. I also push myself in the classroom as I maintain a 3.94/4.0 GPA while taking many honors classes. I am a great team player that welcomes competition, not just because of winning, but because it instills trust, respect, and helps build character. Last, but not least, I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I believe that everyone was put here for a purpose, and I believe he has shown me that I am on this Earth to glorify Him on the football field, which makes my desire to play college football even bigger. I lean on my faith daily to help me make the best decisions for myself and everyone around me. In return for an opportunity, you will get a proven leader that is confident and passionate about what he does, takes accountability, and a tremendous football player.


Height: 6'1"

Weight: 187 lbs.

Pro Style

GPA: 3.94

ACT: 24

SAT: 1180

Evaluation Scores

Size: 8.9

Footwork: 8.84

Accuracy: 8.86

Poise: 8.96

Arm Strength: 8.90

Pocket Presence: 8.88

Release: 8.88

Decision Making: 8.86

Throw on Run: 8.90

Touch: 8.92

Score: 88.90

Scouting Report

AJ has very good size for a 2020 Pro Style QB at 6’1” 180 lbs. Throws with a tall platform. He works the entire backfield, with roll outs in either direction. Shows good vision as he surveys the field, makes throws that include a high release point. Should be able to add more bulk to his frame over the next couple year.
When AJ 's able to set up for delivery, he’s right on the mark. Great anticipation of his receivers routes. With many of his throws happening while on the run, he loses a bit on accuracy. He does square up nicely towards his receivers while planting his feet in the same direction. Still room for improvement at a 52% completion rate.
He gets good height and distance on his throws. Strong throws made at the short and intermediate range, along with a solid vertical passing game.
A left handed QB. He throws with an over the top delivery, along with an arm motion extended at three quarters. His release point is raised above, giving his throws extra lift. Gets the ball off quickly into the secondary, with increased momentum throughout his arm motion.
This is an area of strength for AJ. He uses the entire field well by getting to the outside quickly, displaying good vision and ability to follow his receivers routes. Very good body rotation and feet placement. Able to work both sides of the field.
Very good movement in either direction in the backfield. He shows good agility as he works to avoid traffic while creating space for himself. Good speed on the run, able to get away from would-be tacklers with a burst of speed and long stride.
Shows good patience as he waits for the play to develop and the confidence while leading his unit downfield. Playing at the Varsity level, AJ seems very much in control as he controls the pace of the game.
Good awareness of defensive pressure and well as the space around him. He’s perfected the roll out, able to hit at both ends.
While on the go, AJ's able to zone in on his best option receiver. He a quick hitting QB, who wastes very little time connected with his target.
This is an area of skill for AJ, he does a nice job adding a soft touch to his passes made at the intermediate and long range.

40 Yard Dash: 4.62

Bench Press:

Vertical Jump:

Broad Jump:

3-Cone Drill:

2017Games Played: 12
Passing Attempts:
Passing Yards:
Passing TDs:
Rushing Yards:
Rushing TDs:
2018Games Played: 10
Passing Attempts:
Passing Yards:
Passing TDs:
Rushing Yards:
Rushing TDs:
2018 Most Valuable Player, 01/08/2019
2018 All Region01/08/2019
2018 Captains Award 01/08/2019

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