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Alonzo Esparza

Class of 2025

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  • Culver City
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  • Los Angeles, CA
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  • Class of 2025
Hard working and dedicated QB with a commitment to academic and athletic excellence.


Height: 6'0"

Weight: 172 lbs.

Pro Style

Evaluation Scores

Size: 8.8

Footwork: 8.90

Accuracy: 8.92

Poise: 9.02

Arm Strength: 8.90

Pocket Presence: 8.98

Release: 8.96

Decision Making: 8.90

Throw on Run: 8.96

Touch: 8.92

Score: 89.26

Scouting Report

Alonzo has excellent size for a 2025 Dual Threat QB at 6'0" 172 lbs. This QB's a playmaker on the field. Gets out of the box in a hurry, working in an accelerated pace. Displays the ability to clear himself from traffic, creating additional passing lanes for himself. Excellent vision downfield, while picking apart the defense.
Throws with precision and timing. Able to hit his receivers while in stride. Fundamental sound throwing mechanics, along with consistency.
Displays strong velocity throws made over the middle, hitting his targets with bullets in between zone coverage. He can hit all areas of the field with excellent range. Strong vertical passing game, extending the field for other opportunities. Can work to tighten up the trajectory at long range.
This QB's very consistent with his delivery. He throws with an over the top release and a fully extended arm motion. Solid footwork prior to setup.
This is where Alonzo works his best. Very dangerous out in the open field. Very fluid with his movement, allowing for an efficient stride. He’s deadly while in motion, showing good forward momentum on his release.
Good agility in and around the pocket. Precise footing and spacing on his dropbacks.
He’s not easily distracted by the noise around him. Very polished and comfortable while in the pocket. He’s a leader who stays calm under pressure.
Shows very good patience while executing the plays. He does a nice job picking up on defense pressure.Very focused while working through his progressions. Able to check down from one target option to another.
Alonzo's a strong passer who can also make the proper adjustments on the velocity of his throws to add a softer touch.
UNC Charlotte 03/04/2021Offer
University of Kentucky 07/31/2021Offer
Florida State University 06/28/2021Offer
Texas A&M 06/23/2021Offer
University of Minnesota 08/03/2021Offer
Purdue University 05/20/2021Offer

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