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Andrew Chung

Class of 2028

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  • Westbrooke Elementary School
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  • Ocoee, FL
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  • Class of 2028
AJ Chung is a young QB who knows this is the most difficult position on the field. He understands the physical day to day grind needed to be the best and also understands the mental acuity and cerebral understanding of the sport to be truly elite!! He trains daily on all aspects of this sport and also excels at school with consecutive principal honor rolls and recent induction into the 2021 National Honor Society. AJ has won in every age group in Under Armour Flag from K-5th grade and was a Finalist in the Nationals in Tampa in 2018. He was a Semi-Finalist in the UA Flag Florida State Championship in Tampa 2021. He has won in many 7v7 tournaments and is a finalist in the 2021 Pylon 7v 7 Nationals in Jacksonville Fl. He won the 2021 Next level Regional 7v7 Championship in Orlando and also the 2021 North Florida Elite Championship in Jacksonville Fl. He then won the 2021 AUG Madness 7v7 12U Tournament in Kissimmee Fl and got MVP. He most recently won the 2021 Sunshine State Showdown 7v7 12u in Sarasota Fl. AJ has won QB MVP at RNR Top 100 Combines as well as MVP at Offense and Defense Camps. He has represented every All Star tackle team since playing QB in 2017 and recently took 3rd in the 2020 National FBU Championships in Naples. Winning games and tournaments are important for him to gauge success, yet his self motivation and constant quest for perfection is his driver. He is coacheable, curious, thirsts for knowledge and dreams of one day playing football on the biggest stage!


Height: 5'3"

Weight: 105 lbs.

Pro Style

GPA: 4.0

Evaluation Scores

Size: 8.2

Footwork: 7.76

Accuracy: 7.76

Poise: 7.82

Arm Strength: 7.76

Pocket Presence: 7.78

Release: 7.80

Decision Making: 7.76

Throw on Run: 7.80

Touch: 7.76

Score: 78.20

Scouting Report

Andrew has good size for a 2028 Pro Style QB at 5'2" 105 lbs. This QB is a super competitive player who loves the game of football. He shows good agility in the pocket, able to create added space for himself. He's a playmaker on the field who seeks out big play opportunities.
Sharp precision passing delivering darts all over the field. Very consistent throwing mechanics which add to his accuracy. Shows good anticipation and timing of his receivers routes. Remains consistent while on the run.
He’s able to hit in all areas of the field with good velocity. A quick snap of the wrist with acceleration throughout his motion. Solid vertical range, able to extend the field with throws made over coverage.
Andrew does a nice job setting up prior to release, displaying good footwork. Throws with an over the top delivery with added height from the release point.
An athletic QB who can get to the outside in a hurry. Good vision downfield as he seeks out a potential target.
Good agility in and around the pocket. Sets up nicely prior to delivery. Not considered a dual threat but can pick up nice gains in running situations.
Andrew's a very confident QB, able to lead his team downfield. He shows good patience as he waits for the play to develop. Calm under pressure.
This is his best attribute. He works the pocket so well, moving laterally across as he creates open passing lanes for himself. Good awareness of the defensive pressure around him.
Able to work through his progressions, going from primary to secondary outlets. Get's the ball out in a hurry, making quick reads.
Andrew shows good touch on his deep passes as well as the shorter routes. He’s able to make the right adjustments, depending on the passing situation.
BTruQB Training
FBU Team Central Florida
Pylon 7 on 7 Central Florida All-Stars
BetterEveryday Performance Institute
Kenny Shaw R.A.W
One Percent Athletics
ExcelSpeed Training
AdvancedQBCamp MVP 12/12/2020Orlando Fl
AdvancedQBCamp 09/07/2020Orlando
AdvancedQBCamp MVP07/25/2020Davenport Fl
Offense Defense O/D Camp MVP06/24/2017Orlando Fl
Offense Defense O/D Camp MVP06/23/2018Winter Garden Fl
Kenny Shaw R.A.W04/17/2021Orlando Fl
Advanced QB Camp Accuracy MVP03/15/2021Orlando Fl
West Orlando Jag Combine QB MVP04/03/2021Orlando FL
2020 and 2021 RNR TOP 100 Combine QB MVP06/13/2020Davenport FL
Advance QB Camp Overall MVP07/05/2021Orlando FL
2021 Next Level 7v7 12U Champions Orlando 03/06/2021
3X MVP Advanced QB Camp and Most Accurate 07/05/2021
2021 FBU Combine Series QB 12U MVP TOPGUN INVITE Naples03/21/2021
2021 AUG 7v7 MADNESS 12U MVP and Champion04/24/2021
SemiFinalist UA Flags States Tampa 202103/14/2021
2020 and 2021 QB MVP RNR Top 10006/24/2021
2020 National FBU 10U 3rd place Naples FL12/19/2020
2021 Finalist Pylon Jacksonville Fl Nationals 7v 7 12U02/06/2021
2021 North Florida Elite 7v7 12U Champions Jacksonville Fl02/27/2021
2021 Sunshine State Showdown 7v7 12U Champions Sarasota FL06/12/2021

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