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Ashton Pannell

Class of 2025

Dual Threat

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  • Meadowbrook
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  • Escondido, CA
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  • Class of 2025


Height: 5'4"

Weight: 105 lbs.

Dual Threat

Evaluation Scores

Size: 8.4

Footwork: 7.96

Accuracy: 7.90

Poise: 8.00

Arm Strength: 7.88

Pocket Presence: 7.90

Release: 7.92

Decision Making: 7.90

Throw on Run: 7.94

Touch: 7.92

Score: 79.72

Scouting Report

Ashton has good size for a 2025 Dual Threat QB at 5'4" 105 lbs. He’s very difficult to contain within the pocket. A proven running QB who shows quick acceleration and elusiveness. Throws with a tall platform able to increase the extension of his passes, adding height to his throws.
Ashton’s throws are made with very good ball location, allowing for his receivers to make a play on it. He works quickly out of the pocket with quick hitters. Good anticipation and timing of his receivers routes.
Shows good form and arm extension on his release, allowing for greater torque and momentum upon delivery. High velocity throws made at the short and intermediate range.
Displays good throwing mechanics and proper foot placement prior to set up and release. He throws with an over the top delivery and a high release point.
Ashton demonstrates good lateral movement and quickness getting to the outside. Throws with strong forward momentum. He’s quite dangerous out in the open field, capable of taking it in for a long gain. Will be able to increase on his accuracy with proper body rotation upon release.
A strong running QB with good path vision, allowing for his blockers to lead the way. Bursts of speed with separation potential. Nice set up prior to release.
Controls the pace of the game with his play, he's a playmaker.
QB who works through the play in a hurry, leaving the defense no time to react.
A quick hitting QB who able to get the ball to his primary target in a hurry. Makes big plays with a controlled aggressiveness.
Able to adjust the velocity of his throws, creating for a softer release. Can allow for less air underneath on his deep throws.

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