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Brody Gibson

Class of 2023

Pro Style

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  • Cathedral
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  • Indianapolis, IN
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  • Class of 2023


Height: 6'0"

Weight: 160 lbs.

Pro Style

GPA: 3.2

Evaluation Scores

Size: 8.7

Footwork: 8.42

Accuracy: 8.52

Poise: 8.54

Arm Strength: 8.46

Pocket Presence: 8.48

Release: 8.50

Decision Making: 8.50

Throw on Run: 8.42

Touch: 8.52

Score: 85.06

Scouting Report

Brody has good size for a 2023 Pro Style QB at 6’0” 160 lbs. He works quickly out of a spread formation. A rhythmic passer with quick hitters, attacking the defense with dart-like precision. A tall presence in the pocket, able to oversee the entire field, seeking out potential targets.
Brody's a very accurate passer, making throws with sharp precision. His throws are made with good timing, a tight spiral and excellent location. Solid throwing mechanics with a consistent delivery.
His vertical game is legit with a throws made with tight trajectory and distance. This stretches the defense, which lets him take advantage of gaps within zone coverage. Strong release and high velocity.
Throws the ball with an over the top extension, allowing for the ball to rise upon release. He gets the ball over in a hurry. Very good throwing mechanics with very good footwork upon set up.
Displays good mobility as he works to the outside with solid footwork and quickness. Good body rotation, able square up with his receivers with strong forward momentum.
He displays good agility in and out of the pocket, fluid lateral swing in either direction.
He’s very calm under pressure, not letting the noise around him affect his ability to execute the play.
Brody controls the flow of the game with his playmaking ability. Shows good awareness of defensive pressure, able to work around it.With more game experience, he'll continue to work on his progressions, from primary to secondary outlets. A very intelligent QB who has a very good understanding of the game.
Touch passes made at every level of the field is how to describe Brody's skill at making the proper adjustments to the velocity of his throws.


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