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Cade Golden

Class of 2021

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  • Pell City
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  • Pell City, AL
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  • Class of 2021
My name is Cade Golden, and I am a QB for the 6A Pell City Panthers. I have loved football for as long as I can remember. I had memorized all of the D1 NCAA teams by the age of four. I never leave the house without my football, and am willing to throw with anyone who has the interest and time. I love football as a team sport since it truly takes the entire team to achieve success. I always strive to do my best, work hard, and refine the craft of the QB position. It is my dream to play collegiate football, and I train year-round in pursuit of that goal whether it is through private coaching or camps. As a person, I strive to be a positive influence and good encouragement to my teammates. Beyond college, I see myself as a coach, teaching and sharing my love for the game of football with future generations of players.


Height: 6'1"

Weight: 182 lbs.

Pro Style

GPA: 4

Evaluation Scores

Size: 8.8

Footwork: 8.74

Accuracy: 8.76

Poise: 8.82

Arm Strength: 8.72

Pocket Presence: 8.76

Release: 8.78

Decision Making: 8.72

Throw on Run: 8.72

Touch: 8.80

Score: 87.54

Scouting Report

Cade has good size for a 2021 Pro Style QB at 6’1” 182 lbs. High extension of his release location, giving added lift to his throws. Very good mobility within the pocket, creating open passing lanes.
This is an area of skill for Cade. He’s able to make throws within the secondary that are right on target with his receivers. Does a nice job leading the receivers with very good ball placement and timing.
His throws over the middle are on a rope, with a quick release. Can up the velocity at short/intermediate range. Able to extend the field with a strong arm, hitting his receivers in stride.
He throws the ball with a classic over the top release, with a fully extended arm motion. Squeezes the ball into tight windows of space.
Cade's very comfortable in the backfield, whether its as a pocket passer or rolling out on the run. He shows good positioning of the ball and solid footwork. Squares up nicely with his intended target.
He’s an athletic QB who shows good movement and agility out on the field. Very good footwork on his dropbacks and also prior to his set ups.
He does a nice job picking up defensive pressure while developing a secondary plan.
He displays good patience and awareness in and around the pocket. Very good lateral movement, able to escape the pressure and create something on his own. A play maker who can improvise on the fly.
Cade's a very intelligent QB, able to pick up on defensive reads while attacking their weaknesses. Does a nice job going through his progressions.
This is an area of strength for Cade. He can be a finesse passer when needed or can turn up the dial with high velocity throws in the heart of the defense.

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