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Colby Guzman

Class of 2029

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  • CTA Goodman
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  • Chandler, AZ
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  • Class of 2029
Colby follows the 3 F's: Faith, Family, and Football. He started 1 year ago training to become a QB. Over this year he has traveled across the states to work with various coaches that recognized he has a natural talent. "This has become my dream and the only one that can stop me is me", Colby says. His QB coach labels his work ethic untouchable and unheard of for a 12 year old. His 7v7 Coach, former D1 Pac-12 Safety said this of Colby, "I wish every QB was like him." His love to study film, hit the weight room, and practice on the field has shown that the ceiling is out of sight. After his first tackle season, in which he was named the teams Offensive MVP, He was picked up by team Never Settle to play QB for the 11U team. After his first tournament, Colby was promoted up to the 14U squad to share reps to prepare for his future. While a little nervous about the opportunity, Colby says "I believe playing up will prepare me for my goal of making a college roster." When you talk to him, you see a kid enthusiastic to talk about NFL highlights from the week and his favorite players, but when you watch him on the field, you see a gift that has been made with the perfect recipe of hard work, natural talent, and a little luck. "Colby Guzman is already a problem for defenses. No kid this young should be moving a safety with a pump fake, or reading a defense pre snap and changing the play on his own."


Height: 5'1"

Weight: 93 lbs.

Pro Style

Evaluation Scores

Size: 8.1

Footwork: 7.64

Accuracy: 7.66

Poise: 7.76

Arm Strength: 7.68

Pocket Presence: 7.72

Release: 7.70

Decision Making: 7.76

Throw on Run: 7.68

Touch: 7.68

Score: 77.38

Scouting Report

Colby has good size for a 2029 Pro Style QB at 5’1” 93 lbs. He’s a quick hitting QB who gets the ball out in a hurry. Does a nice job making space for himself in the pocket.
His throws are in-line with his receivers, delivering a catchable ball. Works well with his receivers as he waits patiently for their breaks. Good anticipation and timing.
Displays a strong release on short and intermediate routes. Good zip on the ball, including a tight spiral. He can spread the field with good range. Would like to see tighter trajectory at longer distances.
Colby delivers the ball with full extension, it comes from over the top. He gets the ball out in a hurry with a fluid throwing motion.
An athletic QB who works to the outside with good speed and quickness. Works well to square up with his intended target.
Good mobility in all directions. Not classified as a Dual Threat but can pick up on short yardage situations.
In full control of the offense, has a take charge mentality when on the field. Very focused, not distracted by the chaos around him.
Good sense of the space around him. Able to work around traffic while maintianing his focus downfield.
A confident QB who's not afraid to make throws within tight one-on-one coverage. Very good at working through his progressions in 7v7 play.
Good adjusment to his delivery, creating a softer release when the situation calls for it.
2011Games Played: 7
Passing Attempts:
Passing Yards:
Passing TDs:
Rushing Yards:
Rushing TDs:
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Mike Giovando Summer Elev8 Quarterback Camp06/25/2022Phoenix, AZ
Mike Giovando Winter Elev8 Quarterback Camp01/07/2023Phoenix, AZ
NYS Team Offensive MVP12/13/2022
Under the Lights Flag League MVP11/04/2022
Under the Lights Flag League MVP10/29/2021

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