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Conner Harrell

Class of 2022

Dual Threat

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  • Thompson high school
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  • Alabaster, AL
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  • Class of 2022
Great kid, very coachable, overlooked at this point because of little playing time. Played baseball positions, pitchers,ss, 1 or 4 batter, played basketball position 1,4. Ran track AAU 100, 200, long jump was first in state and region in all three events . JR. Olympics was placed 48 in 100 and 46 in 200 and 5th in long jump. Gave up track in 5th grade to continue his then first love travel baseball.


Height: 6'0"

Weight: 185 lbs.

Dual Threat

GPA: 4.62

Evaluation Scores

Size: 8.9

Footwork: 9.56

Accuracy: 9.48

Poise: 9.70

Arm Strength: 9.50

Pocket Presence: 9.60

Release: 9.56

Decision Making: 9.52

Throw on Run: 9.58

Touch: 9.50

Score: 97.10

Scouting Report

Conner has good size for a 2022 Dual Threat QB at 6’0” 185 lbs. He sits in the pocket with a tall platform, able to survey the entire field. Throws the ball with an over the top delivery with a high extension. This QB has a high ceiling of future potential. A raw talent who'll continue to shine with more game experience.
Able to hit his receivers in stride on the deep ball, just over the defender’s reach. Throws made in the short and intermediate range include a very catchable ball, allowing for the receiver to make a play on it. Good anticipation of receivers routes.
He shows good range on his throws, able to get the ball in any area. Strong velocity on his throws over the middle along with excellent trajectory on his deep passes.
Conner throws with a high release point and fully extended moton that comes way back. Able to get the ball out quickly with good accuracy. An over the top extension, adding height to his throws. Very good footwork prior to setup.
This is where Conner works at his best. He’s a very athletic QB who shows good mobility and quickness as he works to the outside. Does a nice job lining up with his receivers, shows good forward momentum upon his release.
A long stride running QB who can cover distance in a hurry. Able to create separation with his speed. A former track star at the Jr Olympic level. Very agile within the pocket, able to move in all directions.
He’s a playmaker who can control the game with his athleticism and intelligence. Does a nice job picking up on defensive pressure, either stepping up or moving laterally.
He serves as a pure Dual Threat. He works in and out of the pocket with very good agility, creating added space for himself.
He’s a smart QB who can make quick decisions while on the run. Does a nice job locating his primary targets, with more game experience, he’ll continue to add to working through his progressions.
A strong throwing QB who's worked to perfect his ability to add a soft touch on his fade routes. Showing excellent trajectory and location.
UNC 07/04/2021Offer
University of Tennessee 09/12/2020Offer
University of Central Florida 01/19/2021Offer
Southern Mississippi 01/27/2021Offer
Tulane 01/28/2021Offer
Appalachian State 01/30/2021Offer
Utah State02/01/2021Offer
Duke 02/03/2021Offer
Tulsa 02/03/2021Offer
Liberty 02/04/2021Offer
Louisville 02/06/2021Offer
Nebraska 02/09/2021Offer
Virginia Tech 02/11/2021Offer
MTSU 02/16/2021Offer
TCU 03/26/2021Offer
Vanderbilt 02/24/2021Offer
Air Force 02/26/2021Offer
Washington State University 03/27/2021Offer
University of Miami 03/04/2021Offer
University of Central Florida 03/07/2021Offer

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