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Dominic Kramer

Class of 2026

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  • Apache Middle School
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  • Peoria, AZ
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  • Class of 2026
In God’s name I play...


Height: 5'8"

Weight: 140 lbs.

Pro Style

Evaluation Scores

Size: 8.4

Footwork: 7.74

Accuracy: 7.76

Poise: 7.82

Arm Strength: 7.76

Pocket Presence: 7.78

Release: 7.80

Decision Making: 7.80

Throw on Run: 7.74

Touch: 7.76

Score: 78.36

Scouting Report

Dominic has good size for a 2026 Pro Style QB at 5'8" 140 lbs. Shows good vision while surveying the field. Good agility in and around the pocket, creating added space for himself.
His throws are on target with his receivers, hitting them in-line with good anticipation and timing. Will add to his accuracy with more arm strength at longer distances.
Dominic's able to hit in all areas of the field with good velocity and range. Able to get the ball to his intended target in a hurry. Can tighten up on the trajectory of his throws at long range.
An over the top delivery with a high release point. Delivers the ball with a fully extended arm motion.
This is an area Dominic works at his best. Does a nice job getting his body in line with his receivers. Very good footwork prior to set up.
An athletic QB who shows good stride and balance on his drop backs. Very active feet while working through his progressions.
He seems very relaxed in the pocket, able to settle in while locking down on his target. Dominic will continue to gain confidence in his abilities as a QB with more game experience, trusting in his skills.
Good agility in and around the pocket. Displays very good patience, allowing for his receivers to complete their routes.
An area of strength. He’s very decisive on his delivery, wasting very little time getting the ball off. Does a very good job moving through his progressions, seeking out his best option receiver.
Does a great job adjusting the velocity of his throws, especially at short and intermediate range. Would like to see less air underneath on his long range throws.
Battle Sports Under The Radar MVP
Maximum Potential Foundation Outstanding Student Athlete Award
Arizona State Youth All Star
Diamond Sports Youth All Star

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