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Isaac Looker

Class of 2022

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  • Rogers High School
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  • Puyallup, WA
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  • Class of 2022
I love football. It is the greatest game in the world because it's hard and it hurts, but there is nothing like competing with your boys. It is a privilege to play quarterback and lead a team on Friday nights. I am listed as a "Pro Style" quarterback but I believe my athleticism makes me a constant threat to take what's given to me. I am a basketball player and former soccer goalie as well. My sophomore season was a great learning experience. We were a young team that went 2-8 in the toughest league is Washington state, so we got beat up a bit and I got hit...a lot, but I learned what it takes to be a quarterback...toughness and grit. Losing sucks, but I think we can turn our program around. I never missed a game and only missed a few snaps under concussion protocol. I look forward to this season, whenever it starts, to show what I've learned over the past year and see what I can do 2" taller and 25 pounds heavier. Football is in my blood, as my dad played at UW and in the NFL for 8 years.


Height: 6'3"

Weight: 215 lbs.

Pro Style

GPA: 3.96

SAT: 1250

Evaluation Scores

Size: 9.0

Footwork: 8.90

Accuracy: 8.94

Poise: 9.00

Arm Strength: 8.96

Pocket Presence: 8.92

Release: 8.98

Decision Making: 8.94

Throw on Run: 8.92

Touch: 8.96

Score: 89.88

Scouting Report

Isaac has excellent size for a 2022 Pro Style QB at 6’3” 200 lbs. Stands out from the other players on the field because of his size. A tall presence in the backfield, able to survey the field with very good vision. A tough running QB who takes on would-be tacklers.
His throws are very catchable with good placement. He puts it in for his receivers to make a play on it. Gets the ball out in a hurry, leaving the defense very little time to react.
High velocity throws made at short and intermediate range. Very good arm strength, able to squeeze the ball within tight windows of space or can let it rip on the deep ball.
Isaac has an over the top delivery with a fully extended arm motion. Increased momentum upon release. With his size and strength, he's able to extend the field with throws made at long range.
He’s most comfortable within the pocket but shows good athleticism while out in the open field. Very good vision downfield with the ability to locate a potential target.
For a QB of his size, Isaac displays very good footwork. Good mobility within the pocket, able to create space for himself. Strong running QB with the ability to side step would-be tacklers.
He works well within his offensive unit, using all of his receivers. Good patience in the pocket while waiting for a play to develop.
Displays a good sense of the space around him, able to move around traffic, while creating added space for himself.
Demonstates the ability to work through his progressions. primary to secondary outlets. Seeks out big play opportunities.
Tight trajectory on his deep passes with just enough air underneath. Able to adjust his release for a softer delivery at mid-range.


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