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Jack Benson

Class of 2022

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  • Arcadia Titans
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  • Phoenix, AZ
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  • Class of 2022


Height: 6'3"

Weight: 170 lbs.

Pro Style

Evaluation Scores

Size: 9.0

Footwork: 8.78

Accuracy: 8.80

Poise: 8.90

Arm Strength: 8.82

Pocket Presence: 8.84

Release: 8.84

Decision Making: 8.82

Throw on Run: 8.80

Touch: 8.80

Score: 90.34

Scouting Report

Jack has very good size for a 2022 Pro Style QB at 6’3” 170 lbs. He throws with a tall platform in the backfield, able to survey the entire field. Can take over a game with his competitiveness and athleticism. A playmaker.
His throws are in-line with his receivers, able to make plays with tight rotation and precision. Shows good awareness of receivers pass routes along with timing and ball placement.
Jack's a strong throwing QB who can reach all areas of the field. High velocity throws made at the short and intermediate range. Able to stretch the defense with his vertical passing game.
For a QB of Jack's size, he’s very quick on his feet, while showing his athleticism on the field. Gets to the outside in a hurry, able to lock down on his target, while delivering a strike.
A very agile QB who can serve as a running QB on certain short yard situations. He shows good speed out in the open field.
He displays confidence in his abilities as a QB, very comfortable in the pocket. But he's also a pure athlete, able to do just about anything asked of him.
He does a nice job picking up defensive pressure, while moving away from it.
Jack does a very good job going through his progressions, working with his primary targets, then moving onto his secondary outlets. Shows good intelligence on the field, able to think quickly while on the go.
A strong throwing QB who does a nice job taking something off his release, allowing for a softer touch on his short and intermediate routes. The trajectory on his deep passes include just enough air underneath.


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