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Jarek Patulski

Class of 2024

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  • Palisades High School
  • |
  • Charlotte, NC
  • |
  • Class of 2024
I'm the starting quarterback for the Palisades HS Pumas (Charlotte, NC) and want to lead my team to a SouthMeck championship. I'd like to earn a scholarship to play college football by having several colleges showing interest in my athletic, leadership, and academic skills.


Height: 6'1"

Weight: 160 lbs.

Pro Style

GPA: 3.9

Evaluation Scores

Size: 8.7

Footwork: 8.80

Accuracy: 8.78

Poise: 8.88

Arm Strength: 8.82

Pocket Presence: 8.86

Release: 8.80

Decision Making: 8.80

Throw on Run: 8.82

Touch: 8.78

Score: 88.04

Scouting Report

Jarek has very good size for a 2024 Pro Style QB at 6’0” 155 lbs. Stands tall in the pocket flinging darts all over the field. He gets out of the box in a hurry. A quick release, giving the defense no time to react.
He gives his receivers the ability to make a play on the ball. His throws are made with a tight spiral, making for a catchable ball. Good anticipation and timing of his receivers routes. Can add to his accuracy with consistency to his delivery.
This is not an issue for Jarek, his high velocity throws get to his receivers in a hurry. The defense is left with no time to react. He can fire the ball into tight windows of space or let it fly over coverage.
Jarek throws with an over the top delivery. A fully extended arm motion, getting the ball across quickly. He flings that ball like a boomerang, getting it off in a hurry.
Very athletic QB who can be quite dangerous out on the outside. He serves as a potential dual threat who can shift gears in a hurry. Very good vision downfield while on the run.
He’s very difficult to contain within the pocket. His steps are sharp and his movement is smooth.
Extremely confident in his abilities as a QB. He controls the pace of a game and can turn it up at any moment, a playmaker.
Very decisive with his throws downfield, wasting very little time getting the ball off. Displays a calm aggressiveness while attacking the defense. Taking chances when he sees an opportunity, trusting in his receivers.
Can take something off on a fade route or fire it in between defenders. Able to add a softer touch when needed.
2018 Pop Warner National 2nd Team All-American05/01/2018
2019 Pop Warner National 2nd Team All-American05/01/2019
2019 David Cutcliffe QB College @ Duke University07/13/2019
2019 APD Invitational Elite All-Star - Quarterback11/10/2019
2020 Pop Warner National 1st Team All-American05/01/2020
2021 & 2020 Btru Advanced QB Camp - MVP07/18/2021
2021 & 2020 Captain - JV Football - Olympic High School09/01/2021
2022 to 2020 Kevin Olsen Passing Academy / Jenkins Elite01/01/2022
2022 Captain - Varsity Football - Palisades High School09/01/2022
2022 Offensive Skill Player of the Year - Varsity Football - Palisades High School12/01/2022

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