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John White

Class of 2024

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  • Madison Ridgeland Academy
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  • Madison, MS
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  • Class of 2024
Finished 2021 Sophomore Season at Madison Ridgeland Academy as the Mississippi MAIS 6A State Champions, John threw for 3,935 yards and 39 TD’s. He completed 243 of 358 passes (68%). John was named MAIS All-State QB and 6A Offensive Player of the Year. Named to MAIS All-Gridiron Team. Started at Varsity QB as an 8th and 9th grader at Winona Christian School, throwing for 4525 yds and 49 TD’s, rushing for 10 TD’s. First team All-Conference QB 2019&2020. Transferred to Madison Ridgeland Academy January 2021.


Height: 6'1"

Weight: 205 lbs.

Pro Style

GPA: 4.0

Evaluation Scores

Size: 9.0

Footwork: 9.30

Accuracy: 9.34

Poise: 9.42

Arm Strength: 9.38

Pocket Presence: 9.32

Release: 9.36

Decision Making: 9.38

Throw on Run: 9.32

Touch: 9.36

Score: 93.18

Scouting Report

John has very good size for a 2024 Pro Style QB at 6’1” 205 lbs. This QB is so methodical as he works to attack the defense at every level. A strong throwing QB who delivers strikes into coverage.
He leaves very little room for deviation on his delivery. Its very consistent on every throw, hitting his mark with high velocity throws made with sharp precision. Threw for a 68% completion rate last season.
A strong throwing QB who can hit in all areas of the field. He can let it rip at short range or let it fly at long distances with tight trajectory. His strength in arm opens up the entire field for other opportunities. High velocity throws that can slice up a defense.
A fully extended arm motion coming from all the way back. Building up momentum as it comes across the top, generating accelerated speed.
Shows good mobility as he works to his outside, able to adjust the rotation of his body, getting it in-line with his receivers. Good movement for a QB of his size.
Solid footwork on his dropbacks and setups, well balanced stride. Able to maneuver around the pocket to create added space for himself.
John shows good patience in the backfield, waiting for a play to fully develop. He controls the tempo of the game with his play.
Throws with a tall platform, able to survey the entire field for potential targets. There is no distance that he can’t hit on. Able to pick up on defensive pressure as he works his way around traffic.
Does a great job working through his progressions. He locks in on his primary target and then moves towards his secondary outlets. Very good read on the defense as he takes advantage of their weaknesses.
Good touch at every level. He’s able to adjust the velocity of his throws when the passing situation calls for it.
University of Southern Mississippi06/05/2021Offer
Liberty University06/11/2021Offer
Florida Atlantic University 04/12/2022Offer
Alabama A&M05/12/2022Offer
Varsity First Team All -Conference as an 8th and 9th grader. Thrown for 4525 yds. and 49 Touchdowns 12/01/2020
MAIS 6A All State QB12/08/2021
MAIS 6A Offensive Player of the Year12/08/2021

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