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John Mark Shaw

Class of 2023

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  • Sandhills Titans
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  • Class of 2023
The 2023 class of QB's is shaping up to be a great one and I am thrilled to be in a position to compete with the very best. I am fortunate to be the probable VARSITY QB for the Sandhills Titans in 2019 as a Freshman. This gives me 4 years to learn and improve at the high school varsity level. I will continue to work hard to become a great QB and leader. I am excited about the recuiting process and look foward to continueing to build relationships with coaches and univerities. I will continue to look for opportunities to complete with best QB's at the highest level Camps and show cases while I am in high school. I have played QB since I was 5 years old and have led seeral youth teams to undefeated and championship seasons. I was selected to play and was NC captain of the 2016 North / South Carolina youth AAU Shrine bowl. In 2018, I was the starting JV QB for the Sandhills Titans JV where I threw for nearly 1,000 yards in 6 games and led them to the Independent JV state championship. I threw for 10 TD's with 2 int's and rushed for another 3 TDs. I also saw reps in 3 Sandhills Titans varsity games. I played varsity basketball averaging over 7 points and 10 rebounds per game as an eigth grader. I started my recruiting journey in 2018 with the following accolades: • NextGen “The Show” – Top two in the country 2023 QBs and “Freaklist” (2018) • One of only three 2023 QB automatic selections to TB12 (Tom Brady) national showcase 2019 • Youth1 Elite 101 2019 – one the top 101 (2023) players in country • Many other all American / regional honors including NextGen AA, NFPA AA, TB12 “The IV”, Football HotBed, Carolina Bowl, FBU NC All star team, etc. • Led my team to two titles last year: 2018 NYFO National 7on7 Championship and 2018 North Carolina Independent Team state championship • My QB Coach is Ramon Robinson, Speed training at Parisi Speed School • My brother, Jamie is a QB at NC State • 4.0 GPA Phillipians 4:13


Height: 6'5"

Weight: 200 lbs.

Pro Style

GPA: 4.0

Evaluation Scores

Size: 9.1

Footwork: 8.20

Accuracy: 8.26

Poise: 8.32

Arm Strength: 8.32

Pocket Presence: 8.24

Release: 8.28

Decision Making: 8.28

Throw on Run: 8.22

Touch: 8.26

Score: 83.46

Scouting Report

John Mark has excellent size for a 2023 Pro Style QB at 6’5” 194 lbs. It all starts with size, a tall presence in the backfield, able to oversee the entire field. He throws with a fully extended arm release, able to add even more height to his throws.
His throws are in line with his receivers, allowing for them to make a play on it. When flushed out of the pocket he loses a bit of accuracy but is right on with able to set up. Does an excellent job adjusting the angle of his delivery when needed while maintaining consistency.
A strong throwing QB who can hit in all areas of the field. He can let it rip at short range or let it fly at long distances with good trajectory. His strength in arm opens up the entire field for other opportunities. High velocity throws that can slice up a defense.
A fully extended arm motion coming from all the way back. Building up momentum as it comes across the top, generating accelerated speed.
Shows good mobility as he works to his outside, able to adjust the rotation of his body, getting it in-line with his receivers. Good movement for a QB of his size.
Solid footwork on his dropbacks and setups, showing good stride and balance. Able to maneuver around the pocket in order to create added space for himself.
John Mark shows good patience in the backfield, waiting for the play to fully develop. He already has experience playing at the varsity with will only help to further progress his growth as a QB.
Throws with a tall platform, able to survey the entire field for potential targets. There is no distance that he can’t hit on. Able to pick up on defensive pressure as he works his way around traffic.
John Mark does a nice job working through his progressions. He locks in on his primary target and then moves towards his secondary outlets, if needed. Good read on defense schemes as he takes advantage of their weaknesses.
He’s able to adjust the velocity of his throws when the passing situation calls for it.
2018Games Played: 6
Passing Attempts:
Passing Yards:
Passing TDs:
Rushing Yards:
Rushing TDs:
2018 NextGen All American06/18/2018
Selected NextGen FREAK LIST08/18/2018
One of only 2 automatic 2023 QB selections to 2019 THE SHOW10/20/2018
Selected to FBU NC national tournament All Star Team11/18/2018
Selected to 2018 Carolina Bowl all star team11/21/2018
One of only 4 2023 QB selected to TB12 (Tom Brady) The IV01/09/2019
Selected to Youth1 Elite101 top 2023 players02/14/2018
Selected for many 2019 AA teams, Show cases etc. including NFPA, Football Hotbed & NUC02/19/2019
2018 NYFO 7on7 JV National Championship07/18/2018
2018 NC State Indpendent JV Championship11/01/2018

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