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Trey Townsend

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  • Calhoun high school
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  • Calhoun, GA
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  • Class of 2024
Hello, my name is Trey Townsend. I love the game of football and I have had a burning passion to play since I was five years old. I have always dreamed of playing football at the next level, and I am very dedicated and committed to reaching this goal. I play quarterback, and use the QBIQ as well as the R4 system to help further my knowledge and understanding defenses and the schematics of the game.


Height: 6'1"

Weight: 185 lbs.

Pro Style

GPA: 3.8

Evaluation Scores

Size: 8.9

Footwork: 8.54

Accuracy: 8.60

Poise: 8.64

Arm Strength: 8.60

Pocket Presence: 8.64

Release: 8.64

Decision Making: 8.62

Throw on Run: 8.58

Touch: 8.60

Score: 86.36

Scouting Report

Trey has excellent size for a 2024 Pro Style QB at 6’1” 185 lbs. He’s a pure pocket passer who sits tall in the backfield, able to oversee the entire field. A rhythmic passer, delivering quick hitters with quick reads. He throws with an over the top delivery, adding height to his throws.
He's a sharp shooter, delivering throws with tight spiral. Throws made with good anticipation and timing of his receivers routes. Throws made in-line with his receivers with excellent ball location.
His throws get to his receivers in a hurry, passes made with high velocity. Able to zip the ball into tight windows of space within the secondary. His vertical game is legit with deep passes extending over defensive coverage.
Trey delivers the ball with an over the top extension. Full arm motion with increased momentum upon his follow through.
An athletic QB who can get to the outside with good mobility and speed. Displays very good vision downfield, as well as solid body rotation.
He shows good mobility within the backfield. Not considered a Dual Threat but can take it in for a short yardage pickup. Can work to add speed and quickness in step.
He gets locked in the zone while picking apart a defense. Very calm under pressure, not fazed by the noise around him. A confident QB who’s super competitive and gives his all for the team.
He has a good sense for the space around him. Able to feel the incoming pressure. He’s most comfortable within the pocket, able to see the entire field.
This is an area of strength for Trey. He’s perfected his craft this off-season, selected as FBU Top Gun All American. Able to work through his progressions, going from his primary to secondary outlets.
Nice touch in all areas of the field. Able to adjust the velocity of his delivery for added touch.
XOS Digital All top gun team07/12/2020

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