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Tyler Jensen

Class of 2021

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  • Lincoln High School
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  • San Diego, CA
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  • Class of 2021
My goal is to avoid all distractions and just work hard each and every day to make myself into the QB I know I can be. How many stars they put after my name is up to someone else.


Height: 6'6"

Weight: 220 lbs.

Pro Style

GPA: 4.2

SAT: 1200

Evaluation Scores

Size: 9.2

Footwork: 9.30

Accuracy: 9.42

Poise: 9.52

Arm Strength: 9.48

Pocket Presence: 9.40

Release: 9.44

Decision Making: 9.36

Throw on Run: 9.32

Touch: 9.42

Score: 93.86

Scouting Report

Tyler has excellent size for a 2021 Pro Style QB at 6’6” 220 lbs. A very tall presence in the backfield, able to oversee the entire field for potential targets. He throws with a fully extended arm release, able to add even more height to his throws.
His throws are made with good timing and location, allowing for his receivers to make a play on it. High velocity throws at short and intermediate range, made with precision.
Able to make plays throughout the field with solid range. He can let it rip at short range or let it fly at long distances with good trajectory.
Tyler throws with an over the top delivery, coming with a fully extended arm motion on the deep balls and a compact delivery a short range.
Shows good mobility as he works to the outside, able to adjust the rotation of his body, getting it in-line with his receivers. Good movement for a QB of his size.
Solid footwork on his drop backs and setups, showing good stride and balance. Good agility in and around the pocket, creating added space for himself.
Tyler shows good patience in the backfield, waiting for the play to fully develop. He shows good awareness of defensive pressure, able to step up in the pocket.
Tyler throws with a tall platform, able to survey the entire field for potential targets. Good control of the offensive unit as he leads them downfield.
Good initial reads on the defense as he hits on his primary target. Solid work going through his progressions, from primary to secondary outlets.
Nice touch on his deeper pass routes. Able to take something off at short and intermediate range.
Northern Colorado 08/27/2020Offer
Valparaiso 10/02/2020Offer
University of Louisville 01/16/2021Offer
University of Washington 01/07/2021Offer
1st team all conference

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