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Zacary Garcia

Class of 2025

Dual Threat

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  • Brewer Middle
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  • Fort Worth, TX
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  • Class of 2025


Height: 5'7"

Weight: 137 lbs.

Dual Threat

Evaluation Scores

Size: 8.4

Footwork: 8.16

Accuracy: 8.06

Poise: 8.20

Arm Strength: 8.10

Pocket Presence: 8.10

Release: 8.10

Decision Making: 8.06

Throw on Run: 8.16

Touch: 8.02

Score: 81.36

Scouting Report

Zacary has very good size for a 2025 Dual Threat QB at 5'7" 137 lbs. He’s a quick hitting QB who works out of a spread formation. A very durable QB who can withstand defensive pressure as he works around the pocket. Strong running QB who takes on would-be tacklers for added yards.
Catchable throws made in-line with his receivers. Shows good anticipation and timing of his receivers routes. Would like to see more consistency with his delivery.
His passes include high velocity throws that get through the secondary in a hurry. He strikes quickly, allowing the defense very little time to react. Solid vertical passing game, with deep passes over coverage.
Zacary’s an athletic QB who can move around with good speed and footwork. He gets to the outside with balanced stride and quickness. Sets up nicely with his receivers as he squares up to them.
Runs plays out of the pocket, serving as a dual threat with the ability to take over a game. Good speed and elusiveness.
A confident QB who wastes very little time getting the ball to his receivers. Good sense of the space around his in the pocket.
He works quickly, hitting his targets with sharp throws within the short and intermediate range. Very difficult to contain.
Working out of a spread formation allows Zacary to read the defense prior to snap, picking up on opportunities. He should continue to improve on his ability to work through his progressions with more game experience.
This will be another area he'll continue to improve on. Creating a softer delivery at short and intermediate range, in between zone coverage.


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