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Social Media

Recruiting 101 — Social Media

Social Media for Quarterbacks

Every college coach/recruiter actively maintains a social media account, so it’s very important to market yourself through social media (primarily Twitter).

How Coaches Can Contact You

The NCAA’s high school recruiting rules allow Dl & Dll coaches the ability to direct message recruits after September 1 of their junior year of high school. Coaches are also able to like, share, and retweet posts from a recruit, but they are not able to publicly communicate with those recruits until after the player has committed to their schools.

Messaging College Coaches and Recruiters

Alongside QB Hitlist’s promotion of our members, being personally proactive in promoting your stats, film and other information will help improve your chances of obtaining scholarship offers greatly.

When you send out initial messages/emails to college coaches, make sure to provide them with your various social media handles. Afterwards, follow the coach’s football program to show that you have an interest in learning more about their program’s activities and progress.

You shouldn’t only follow the head coach and offensive coordinator of a school you’re interested in attending: try to follow their recruiting coordinators, interns, and position coaches too. They’ll often check to see which recruits are getting attention and increased hype, which recruits are getting offered by competing schools, and for recruits who are currently under the radar and about to blow up. This information is mostly available on Twitter.

Make sure to provide/post links to your QB Hit List profile page and HUDL/YouTube film. Before doing this, update/post all your accomplishments, season results, awards, camp successes, offers, invites, and anything else on your profile page.

How QB Hit List Markets Our Members to Colleges

At QB Hit List, our social media presence sets us apart from other recruiting services. We search our Premium QB’s Twitter accounts daily and retweet/post anything that’s football related. We provide an ideal opportunity for a QB to get noticed through our following of over 400 college coaches. Our Premium QB posts most always include a link to the Premium QB’s profile page where a college coach can review his film and retrieve his contact information.

We also actively post college offers received by our QB members. This action earns the interest of other college coaches, and this interest will entice them to learn more about you. Not only does this provide appreciation to the certain school which offered, but it also lets others know that you are a very viable commodity.

Marketing Yourself Through Public Profiles

College coaches and recruiters will also want to learn more about your character, and social media provides them access into your worlds. That’s why it’s so important to keep all your social media accounts clean. Any inappropriate content will cause a college coach to look the other way or take back an offer. Unlike other accounts which you are told to keep hidden, set your recruiting accounts to be open to the public for all to view. This will give college coaches easy access to your information and will eliminate concerns that you may be hiding something under a private account.

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