Player Info

- Brian Maurer
  • Size: 9.2
  • Accuracy: 9.24
  • Arm Strength: 9.28
  • Release: 9.32
  • Throw On Run: 9.30
  • Footwork: 9.26
  • Poise: 9.30
  • Pocket Presence: 9.24
  • Decision Making: 9.26
  • Touch: 9.30
  • Final Rating: 92.72

Brian has excellent size for a 2019 Pro Style QB at 6’4” 200 lbs. He stands tall in the pocket, able to survey the field with excellent vision. A very agile QB, who's capable of creating added space in the backfield to set up. A strong throwing QB who can get the ball to his targets in a hurry.
Brian makes throws with sharp precision, in-line with his receivers. He's able to adjust the angle of his delivery when in tight spaces or getting the ball around defenders. Very accurate on his deep passes.
His passes made at the short and intermediate range includes high velocity, reaching his targets in a hurry. Solid vertical passing game, able to extend the field.
Brian throws with an over the top delivery which includes a full extension. He gets that ball way up high on its release, adding extra lift.
This is an area of strength. He shows excellent lateral movement with ability to make plays while on the fly. Very athletic QB who displays good speed and quickness getting to the outside.
Brian can make just about any play on the field. He uses the entire backfield with a quick first step and long stride. Solid footwork on his dropbacks and setups.
Very competitive on the field with excellent leadership. Able to control the flow of the game, making big plays when needed.
Brian does a nice job picking up the defensive pressure. He's able to work his way around traffic, showing excellent vision downfield while in the pocket.
Brian does an good job working through his progressions with quick reads. A playmaker on the field, able to think on the fly.
This is another area of strength for Brian. He's able to make the right adjustments to the velocity of his throws, adding a softer release when needed. Throws the deep ball with a tight trajectory.

  • 40 Yard Dash: 4.79
  • Shuttle: 4.39
  • Powerball: 38
  • Vertical: 33
  • SPARQ Rating: 79.82
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7833 sw 103rd loop

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Coach Contact Info

Name: Matthew Franklin

Phone: 352-630-0575