Player Info

- Bryce Nirider
  • Size: 8.9
  • Accuracy: 8.5
  • Arm Strength: 8.58
  • Release: 8.52
  • Throw On Run: 8.58
  • Footwork: 8.54
  • Poise: 8.6
  • Pocket Presence: 8.52
  • Decision Making: 8.5
  • Touch: 8.58
  • Final Rating: 85.82

Bryce has very good size for a 2022 Pro Style QB at 5'11” 180 lbs. He has a strong built, not easily able to take down, very good durability. He’s an athletic QB who can serve as a running QB in short yard situations.
His throws are in-line with his receivers, hitting them in stride. A QB who makes most of his throws while on the run, loses a bit of accuracy while on the go. When given the space and time in the pocket, he show good precision.
Bryce shows good velocity at the short and intermediate range. He's able to gain increased acceleration while on the run, added torque to his delivery. Has worked to improve on his distance as well as the trajectory of his deep passes.
An over the top delivery with a compact three quarter arm motion which comes across in a hurry. He does a nice job adjusting the angles of his delivery when in tight spaces.
An athletic QB who can get to the outside in a hurry. Shows good patience and calm as he surveys the field.
Bryce has good speed(4.85/40) and quickness while on the run. Can serve as a running QB in short yard situations. Good spacing and stride on his set ups.
He’s not easily distracted by the pressure around him, stays focused and determined to complete the play.
He wastes very little time getting the ball to his receivers. Decisive with his throws, showing good judgment.
Bryce does a nice job reducing the velocity of his throws, creating a softer release at the short and intermediate range. Tight trajectory of his deep passes, allowing for less air underneath.

  • 40 Yard Dash: 4.85
  • Shuttle: 4.2
  • Powerball:
  • Vertical:
  • SPARQ Rating:
Camp Date Camp Name Camp Location
  • FBU Gatorade award 2018
  • FBU MVP 2018
  • National 7v7 Offensive MVP
  • National 7v7 Champs

Mailing Address
6006 Y Street Katy Tx 77493

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Coach Contact Info

Name: Gary Joseph


Email: garyjoseph@katyisd.og