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I can achieve all things through Christ who gives me strength, hard work, and perseverance. I have been blessed with a great family, great Coaches, and teammates that believe in me. The sky is the limit!

- Gannon Roberts
  • Size: 8.9
  • Accuracy: 8.12
  • Arm Strength: 8.06
  • Release: 8.16
  • Throw On Run: 8.12
  • Footwork: 8.06
  • Poise: 8.12
  • Pocket Presence: 8.10
  • Decision Making: 8.08
  • Touch: 8.06
  • Final Rating: 81.78

Gannon has very good size for a 2022 Dual Threat QB at 6’2” 180 lbs. He stands tall in the pocket, directing his thorns into the secondary for his intended targets. Shows good toughness while being able to sit in the pocket with good patience or can create space for himself as he maneuvers to the outside.
He gives his receivers the ability to make a play on the ball. His throws are made with a tight spiral, making for a very catchable ball. Good anticipation and timing of his receivers routes. Very consistent with his delivery, adding to his accuracy.
High velocity throws get to his receivers in a hurry over the middle. The defense is left with little time to react. He loses a bit of strength at long range, with throws made with a bit of air underneath.
Gannon throws with an over the top delivery. A fully extended arm motion, while getting the ball across quickly. He's be able to improve on his accuracy with proper feet placement prior tho delivery.
An athletic QB who can be quite dangerous out on the outside. He serves as a Dual Threat who can shift gears in a hurry. Shows excellent vision downfield while on the run.
This is an area which can really enhance Gannon's play of the filed. He displays good agility within the pocket but can work to sharpen his steps, making for quicker movement on his drop backs. Very good vision downfield while on the run but can improve on his speed, creating separation from defenders.
Shows good confident in his abilities as a QB. Demonstrates a calm aggressiveness while attacking the defense, trusting in his skills. Could definitely showcase his play-making on the field with more experience.
Very decisive with his throws downfield, wasting little time getting the ball off. Taking chances when he sees an opportunity, trusting in his receivers.
This will be an area of improvement for Gannon, adding a softer touch at short and intermediate range while creating a tighter trajectory at long range.

  • 40 Yard Dash:
  • Shuttle:
  • Powerball:
  • Vertical:
  • SPARQ Rating:
Camp Date Camp Name Camp Location
06/07/2018ACU Mega CampAbilene, TX
06/17/2018University of Central Arkansas Conway, Arkansas
06/16/2018Arkansas State University Jonesboro, Arkansas
Training Date Company Name Trainer Name
2013-2019Oklahoma Elite QBCoach Roger Pfeiffer

Mailing Address
2409 Santa Monica Street, Edmond OK 73034

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Coach Contact Info

Name: Luke Orvis

Phone: 405-414-0847