Player Info

- Jake Farrell
  • Size: 9.2
  • Accuracy: 9.08
  • Arm Strength: 9.04
  • Release: 9.06
  • Throw On Run: 8.98
  • Footwork: 8.98
  • Poise: 9.08
  • Pocket Presence: 9.02
  • Decision Making: 9.08
  • Touch: 9.12
  • Final Rating: 90.66

Jake has excellent size for a 2019 Pro Style QB at 6’5” 210 lbs. He’s a tall presence in the backfield, solid frame to allow for durability. He displays very good vision, able to see the entire field, from sideline to sideline. Throws with an over the top release, adding height to his delivery.
He’s very consistent with his delivery as well as his footwork prior to set up. Does a nice job anticipating his receivers route running, hitting them with good timing and placement.
Jake can hit in all areas of the field, with throws made with an accelerated delivery. Able to add high velocity throws within the secondary as well as serving as a deep threat passer.
His throws come from over the top with a high release point, able to get past the line of scrimmage. Very good throwing mechanics with are consistent and rhythmic.
This is an area in which Jake can work to improve on. He displays solid footwork getting to the outside and squares up nicely but I would to see a quicker release from the pocket along with added speed and momentum.
Shows good agility within the pocket, able to side step the incoming pressure. Very consistent footing on his drop backs. He can work to improve on the overall speed of his game.
Shows confidence in his abilities as a QB, not afraid to take chances downfield. Did a great job serving as the Varsity starter this past season, leading them to a 13-1 record, losing only in the State Championship.
He does a nice job picking up on defensive pressure, able to step up when needed. Very calm under pressure, not fazed by the traffic around him.This QB knows how to locate his best option receivers on a given play. He does a nice job working through his progressions.
This is an area of strength for Jake. He’s able to create a soft touch on passes made at the short and intermediate range by taking something off the velocity of his release

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  • Shuttle:
  • Powerball:
  • Vertical:
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