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My name is BJ Higgins and I am 14years old 9th grader class of 2022 at Independence High School in Frisco, Texas. I am a student athlete who loves to excel in class. I currently have all honor classes with an 3.9 GPA. Some of my best accomplishments on the football field is representing my country and playing in the USA Football International game at Cowboy Stadium in 2017. I was the captain of my Middle School football team and have won several MVP awards through out my journey as a football player. My current positon is Quarterback /Rover/Safety. I have a strong arm and I have a very quick release. I have great mechanics, and good footwork and can move around well in the pocket. I can make all the throws necessary to be collegiate quarterback. I train at one of the top facilities in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Football is a sport that I love to play and I plan to use it as an way to get a scholorship for college. I am a very competitive player and I am always working to improve my game. I will only get better since I have just now started to develop my body and strength and I am still growing. I have big play ability as a quarterback and I can work very comfortably from under the center or in shot gun. Please see some of my accomplishments below: USA Football International Player 2016 and 2017 played on the 15/14U team and was only 12 years old showcased on ESPN 3 Mike Vick V7 Elite Top QB 2017 Lavar Arrington Prospect Only All Mammal 2017 Pro Bowl Hall of Fame MVP 2017 Bret Cooper Tom Brady MVP award 2017 Under Armour Invite 2017 Baylor 7-7 MVP 2016

- BJ Higgins
  • Size: 8.7
  • Accuracy: 8.24
  • Arm Strength: 8.26
  • Release: 8.20
  • Throw On Run: 8.18
  • Footwork: 8.16
  • Poise: 8.22
  • Pocket Presence: 8.18
  • Decision Making: 8.22
  • Touch: 8.16
  • Final Rating: 82.52

BJ has good size for a 2022 Dual Threat QB at 5'9" 152 Lbs. A quick throwing QB who's able to survey the field with good vision. High extension from his release location, giving added height to his throws. Does a nice job working his way through the defense while on the go.
This is an area of skill for BJ. He’s able to make throws within the secondary that are right on target with his receivers. Does a nice job leading the receivers with good ball placement and timing. Near 70% completion rate last season.
His throws over the middle are on a rope, with high velocity and quick release. Able to extend the field with deep passes but loses a bit of strength further downfield. Would like to see a tighter trajectory.
He throws the ball with a classic over the top release, with a three quarter delivery. This allows for the ball to get out quickly, giving the defense very little time to react.
BJ's very comfortable in the backfield, whether its as a pocket passer or rolling out on the run. He shows good positioning of the ball and solid footwork. Squares up nicely with his intended target.
He’s an athletic QB who shows good movement and agility out on the field. Solid footwork on his dropbacks and also prior to his set ups.
His leadership on the field is displayed on film, in full control of his offensive unit. He does a nice job picking up defensive pressure and developing a secondary plan.
He displays good patience and awareness in and around the pocket. Very good lateral movement, able to escape the pressure and create something on his own. A play maker who can improvise on the fly.
BJ's a very intelligent QB, able to pick up on defensive reads, and attacking their weaknesses. With more game experience, he'll be able to work through his progressions in a more fluid motion.
This will be an area in which he will be able to work to improve on. A strong throwing QB who'll need to make the proper adjustments to his deliver, especially at short and intermediate range. Can also tighten up on his trajectory of his downfield passes.

  • 40 Yard Dash: 5.0
  • Shuttle: 4.8
  • Powerball:
  • Vertical:
  • SPARQ Rating:
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  • 2018 MVP USA Football International Game

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1978 San Andres Frisco Texas 75034

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Name: Ryan Wilson

Phone: 214-282-4104