Player Info

- Nathan Eldridge
  • Size: 8.9
  • Accuracy: 8.48
  • Arm Strength: 8.52
  • Release: 8.5
  • Throw On Run: 8.54
  • Footwork: 8.56
  • Poise: 8.56
  • Pocket Presence: 8.52
  • Decision Making: 8.48
  • Touch: 8.56
  • Final Rating: 85.62

Nathan has good size for a 2018 Dual Threat QB at 6’1” 185 lbs. Throws with an over the top delivery, adding more height to the ball’s trajectory. Good toughness on the run, not afraid of contact. Should be able to add some bulk to his frame as he prepares to enter the collegiate level next year.
His throws are made in-line with his receivers, showing good anticipation of the routes along with proper ball placement.
His throws are made with a softer release, able to to get up and over zone coverage. Demonstrates the ability to extend the field with his vertical passing game.
Nathan’s an athletic QB who shows good quickness getting to the outside. He works well through his rotation as he squares up with his target.
Does a nice job getting his feet in the proper positioning prior to release. He’s a Dual Threat QB who demonstrates bursts of speed through the secondary.
Shows good awareness of defensive pressure, able to work within the space around him. He’s a confident QB with well above average attributes.
Displays good agility within the pocket, able to step up or move laterally when space is limited. I would like to see him stay in the pocket longer as he waits for the play to develop.
He makes good judgment on his delivery as he locates his primary target.
One of Nathan’s strong QB attributes is his ability to deliver a pass with a soft touch. As he works on his arm strength, it’ll make for a nice complement of his game. The ability to make adjustments within velocity.

  • 40 Yard Dash:
  • Shuttle:
  • Powerball:
  • Vertical:
  • SPARQ Rating:
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