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Recruiting RNG Interview

Dynamic 2026 Minnesota WR Owen Egge showing off skills at college camps

Written by Ryan Wright

Twitter: @RyanWrightRNG

If the underclassman tune-up was a preview of coming attractions, Minnesota defenses are going to have their hands full over the next couple of years. Suiting up for St. Michael-Albertville High School’s freshman team, Owen Egge was unstoppable. The ascending Class of 2026 prospect has taken his show on the road this summer already hitting USC and UCLA camps, and a mega camp filled with some 75 college representatives, laying down a recruiting path forward.

The Knights’ freshman team had instant offense in Egge. Through a reported eight-game 2022 season, Egge had 1,010 receiving yards with nine touchdowns and rushed for 120 yards popping off another score.

Egge is ready to showcase his talents on the Knights’ varsity squad.

“I am mostly an outside receiver, but I also play some at slot,” Egge said. “I can run any route I am asked to run.”

The 5-10, 155-pound, receiver is not wasting time over the offseason with a focus on making everything extra crispy.

“I have been training with my school, with Training House, Team TNT Academy, and with First Down Training doing film breakdown,” Egge stated. “I am also getting reps with my varsity quarterback. Living in Minnesota, you can’t go outside half of the year; I have a ball machine in my basement so I can get in my catching reps.”

Airline miles are mounting up with summer camps already in full force.

“I am going to a lot of college camps already,” Egge said. “I have been to camps at USC, UCLA, and a mega camp with about 75 colleges in Detroit, the Wayne State mega camp.”

Running routes under the watchful eyes of the Bruins’ coaching staff was a success.

“It went really well,” Egge shared. “I got a coach’s number from Redlands there, and I was talking with UCLA’s receivers coach (Jerry Neuheisel) for about 20 minutes.”

Egge continued, “He (Neuheisel) really liked my routes, speed, my cuts, and my ability to change direction.”

An Iowa State camp has been completed with more on the schedule.

“Northwestern, Wisconsin, NDSU (North Dakota State), SDSU (South Dakota State), St. Thomas, and a local coach from Crown College, I have been talking to them a little bit,” Egge stated.

Egge’s popularity and talents may ink an early NIL deal for the 2026 prospect.

“I have been talking to a company called Root brand; I am thinking about putting my name and image on their products,” Egge said. “The product helps you zero in. It helps you lock in during games and when you are training. It helps as a receiver to focus on the ball and on your routes. We are working on that. I would be one of the youngest in the nation to get an NIL deal, I am proud of that.”

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