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Recruiting RNG Interview

First offer received, Kentucky 2024 QB Kolter Smith updates recruiting

Written by Ryan Wright

Twitter: @RyanWrightRNG

Snaps were split in the Louisville Male High School pocket last season but the 2023 schedule against 6A competition will be all Kolter Smith’s to handle. The Bulldogs are opening up the offense this fall allowing college coaches more looks at Smith’s talents. The changes to the scheme and offseason workouts are already making a difference with Smith receiving his first offer on Thursday.

Smith detailed the Bulldogs’ style of play on offense.

“We run a variety of sets,” Smith said. “We do a lot in the pistol, and after talking to my head coach, we are switching it up this season. This season we will do some under center and we are implementing our empty set with five-wide so we can space out the defense making them play us in man.

“We also have an RPO (run-pass option) style with bang 8s and quick throws that can get us downfield. This season we will let loose. We have play-action – we will be gun slinging. We have a really good offensive line for our run game especially on short yardage plays where we can go up the middle or run a dive. Our offense has a lot of variety. With coach (Chris) Wolfe, we are implanting a lot. I am excited to show everyone on film.”

Preparing for his senior run, Smith is not wasting time this offseason.

“This offseason I have been working a lot on my mechanics,” Smith stated. “I have worked on my mechanics since middle school, but I am working on keeping it consistent. This offseason I have also been working on reading defenses. I have been watching film, watching our film, and film on other teams breaking down their defense.

“I have been working on my footwork, getting out of the pocket, and my speed and agility. I played 7-on-7 this spring and will play 7-on-7 this summer in two tournaments with Male. It will be exciting. I have been working with my QB coach and will keep working with him this summer. I have been going through all the footwork drills, working on keeping my mechanics consistent, and making sure everything I do is habit and with purpose.”

Asked, for the people that have never seen you play, what type of quarterback and football player are you? Smith replied, “I’m a leader. I conduct the offense really well, and I have a good understanding of where we are at and what we need. I love to make plays and get the ball downfield.

“If you’ve never seen me play, at Male, I threw on the run a lot. This year will be a lot of fun, we have a lot of weapons that I can get the ball to. If you’ve never seen me play, sit back, relax, grab your popcorn, and watch the scoreboard light up.”

Smith added, “People call me “Baby Brees”. That is who I would consider my play style like, Drew Brees.”

The first offer rolled in for Smith on Wednesday.

“I got it this morning,” Smith shared. “It is really exciting and surreal. Mount St. Joseph in Ohio offered.”

Summer days will be spent slinging the ball around the yard for college coaches.

“I am going to a bunch of camps this summer, hopefully the offers will start rolling in,” Smith stated. “I’m going to EKU, Dayton, Lindenwood, Indiana State, Moorehead, Eastern Illinois, and others. I’m really excited to showcase what I have and to show the coaches I deserve a spot, and that I have what it takes to play college football.”

Eastern Kentucky welcomed Smith to campus this spring.

“It was really good day, the weather was nice, which is helpful,” Smith said. “I was there for a morning practice. We drove up the morning of, I got to watch and be inside on all the drills, the huddle, and I learned the play calls. I was with coach (Maxwell) Smith (QB) during team period. When I was there, I met their head coach (Walt Wells). I talked to coach Smith throughout practice. I asked him questions and he asked me questions. He asked me to come to the camp this summer; I told him I will be there.”

Smith also spent time this spring in Charleston with Eastern Illinois.

“That was a lot more interactive,” Smith shared. “First, we started off, they took my height and weight, I did a photo shoot, and then I went into the team meeting room and sat in on the meeting. That was cool. I went to the film room with their QB coaches. We watched their practice from the day before. Their QB coach, coach (Joe) Davis, walked us through everything. He dumbed it down for me a bit.

“We toured the campus and their facility. I watched them practice; it was night practice under the lights. They said they really loved my junior film, and that they are excited to see my senior film; I told them I can’t wait to show it to them. They invited me to their camp.”

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