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Recruiting RNG Interview

Florida 2026 QB Logan Rogers covers Big Ten and ACC visits

Written by Ryan Wright

Twitter: @RyanWrightRNG

If you live outside the Sunshine State and are unfamiliar with Tampa Bay Tech, the Titans are worthy of their name on the gridiron. The Florida squad is always loaded and feared, ready to rough up 3M competition every Friday. As the team prepares this spring for the 2023 schedule, the roster is stacked again with playmakers on both sides of the ball. The quarterback positioning himself to take the Titans to the state championship game is 2026 gunslinger Logan Rogers.

Cracking the varsity squad last fall for the Jefferson Dragons, college coaches got a sneak peak at what the 6-2, 190-pound, talent can do. The extra work in the off-season from camps and 7-on-7 tournaments has brought an offer from Appalachian State with teams putting his name on their recruiting board.

“Michigan is showing interest and will come down this spring,” Rogers said. “Miami and Ole Miss are also showing interest. Coach (Frank) Ponce (OC/QB) offered me at App State. He was going to offer me at Miami and then switched to App State. FSU is pretty hot on me, Florida is showing interest from coach Ryan O’Hara (OA), Michigan State, and a lot of others. Those are the ones off the top of my head I can think of.”

The spring months have been busy for Rogers with a handful of visits taken.

“I went to Michigan, Michigan State, Pitt, FSU, and USF,” Rogers stated.

All the coaches in Ann Arbor made Rogers feel right at home.

“It was great,” Rogers shared. “You walk in, they made it feel so comforting. They made it feel like family. The staff was great. They showed me the facilities. Coach (Jim) Harbaugh was so personable and great with me. He talked to me about his kids.

“Coach (Kirk) Campbell, their QB coach, he took me into his room for a one-on-one meeting. And he took me in with all the QBs in their meeting room with JJ (McCarthy) and them. They were talking about predictions for the Super Bowl and where Lamar Jackson will go.”

The Spartans made an impact on Rogers while in East Lansing.

“That was great,” Rogers said. “I got a one-on-one meeting with their QB coach, coach (Jay) Johnson. That was great. They took us around the facilities. Coach Johnson said he would come out for my spring ball. They were very personable there. They have a lot of great stuff coming up with the facilities doing a full renovation.”

Keeping the string of great visits going, the Seminoles made an impact on Rogers as well.

“It was great,” Rogers shared. “It was almost like first class treatment. Their QB coach, coach (Tony) Tokarz, was great; we talked. We watched them practice. Coach Tokarz is coming out for spring ball. He wants to see how I do this fall. Coach (Mike) Norvell and I were talking. When I was there, they invited me out the next day to watch practice; we got a hotel room and stayed the night to go back the next day. Coach Norvell is a really good guy.”

The summer days will be busy spinning it for college coaches at camps.

“I have a good idea where I am going, Miami, USF, back up to Michigan, UCF, and some other schools like Yale and Wake Forest,” Rogers stated. “I may go to some other Ivy League schools and to Florida too.”

Preparing for the college camps, spring ball, and the 2023 season, Rogers talked about his off-season workouts, “I am trying to get bigger and faster to pass the eyeball test. I feel that I am there, but I am leveling up. I’ve been working on mechanics and footwork trying to get better every day.”

Rogers continued covering where he is seeing his biggest improvements this spring, “My arm strength. The ball is jumping out of my hands faster than before, that has improved. I am getting faster, a lot faster. I am throwing off-platform better while being balanced. Those are some of the key things I have improved.”

When college coaches head to Tampa to see Rogers in person this spring or fall, they will see him executing an all-out passing attack with the Titans.

“We run a Spread offense, an Air Raid,” Rogers said. “We are passing a lot running a quick-tempo offense with a lot of no huddle. It will be explosive. We have a lot of talent there and we have a good o-line. We will be scary this year, and pretty dangerous.”

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