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Recruiting RNG Interview

Interview: 2025 Indiana QB Nevan Tutterow Fighting for Varsity Starting Position

Written by Ryan Wright

Twitter: @RyanWrightRNG

The varsity beginnings of a highly anticipated high school football season may happen this fall when Nevan Tutterow takes the field with Franklin Central. The Class of 2025 quarterback has picked apart his peer group in prolific fashion generating buzz and excitement for what the future may bring. Before the press clippings for the upcoming season are generated, Tutterow is in a battle for the Flashes starting spot in fall camp.

In an RNG first-look interview partnered with QB Hit List, Tutterow takes us inside his offseason workouts and how he has prepared to take on 6A Indiana defenses this fall.


Nevan, playing against your age group, you lit up defenses passing for 1,510 yards hitting 70 of 99 attempts with 29 touchdowns last season. What was working in your game allowing you to be so successful?

My teammates around me. I had awesome receivers, a reliable tight end that I have a good relationship with, and my offensive line gave me time to throw. My coaches, we spent a lot of time in the offseason breaking down defenses and putting passing concepts with that. We took care of the ball, we passed a lot, and we scored a lot of points. We had a solid running game that opened up opportunities to pass. My teammates helped me out.

You have some wheels too rushing for 284 yards on 27 totes with two scores. How did the running aspect to your skills improve last season?

With football, I run but I don’t want to get hit a lot. Getting hit, that motivates me to run faster. Running gives respect to my game. Teammates want to see the quarterback run. On a third and six with the game on the line, you have to go get the first down. I needed to add that to my game. I worked on my speed and agility, that really helped.

When the 2021 season gets going, which team will you be playing for?

Franklin Central.

What style of offense are you guys running?

It is a Spread-power. Our running backs are tanks and we have a great offensive line. We can take the top off the defense with our big and fast receivers. We will run, be physical, and throw it over the top for touchdowns.

Going into the offseason, what did you work on with your mechanics?

My footwork and adding more touch to my passes. I felt like I was throwing a good ball, but there is always room for improvement. This offseason I have worked on my touch, my footwork, and cleaned that up. Footwork is accuracy. My coach has helped prepare me as well.

Getting time in with the varsity guys, how have you stepped up your game to compete with the older players?

One thing about varsity, they are a lot faster and more physical. I needed to focus that much more, and try my best on every play. For me, it is about focus and taking no plays off. That is how I will get my teammates’ respect. I have to work extra harder for that respect so come fourth quarter they believe in me.

Is there a QB battle with the Flashes this summer?

There has been a competition. Our coach has not named a starter yet. We have solid quarterbacks that I enjoy competing against.

From the offseason workouts coupled with taking on 6A Indiana varsity competition in practice, where are you already seeing improvement in your skills over last season?

From the mental part, that is the biggest. I have been working with our offensive line and receivers coach; our offensive line coach in particular. We’ve been working on pass pro and how the line will block, how I can change the play, and how I can change the alignments. He is helping me better understand the play so that during the game I can change the call if needed into a better play. He is also helping me know which guy I am responsible for and which ones my offensive linemen are responsible for with the pass coverage.

Did you get to spin it at any camps this offseason?

Yes, I went to the Under Armour All-American camp in Ohio for middle school and an FBU Top Gun.

What are you ready to showcase of your skills this season?

I want to showcase my poise. A lot of people that evaluate quarterbacks that I have talked to told me that when they breakdown quarterbacks, one thing they look at is poise. They like my poise and calmness. Going against 6A Indiana football, I have to be poised and step up to make the throw with pressure in my face.

Being your first go-around playing varsity football, are there any games on the schedule you are excited to play?

Every game, honestly. I will treat every game like it is my last and my most important. I want to win, that is all I care about. Yeah, every game.

Nevan, wishing you the best of luck with the QB competition this summer and with the upcoming season.

Thank you.


Photo credit: Tutterow family; Nevan Tutterow

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