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Recruiting RNG Interview

Interview: 3-Star 2021 Texas Dual-Threat Michael Light Ready to Shine in Spread Attack

Written by Ryan Wright

Twitter: @RyanWrightRNG

A first season starting as a quarterback at the varsity level is difficult enough, but then add going against Texas TAPPS competition and then needing to win over your team replacing the void left by a four-star, the nuances of the game become more challenging. With all that was going on for Michael Light during the 2019 season, the dual-threat talent took the challenges head on helping Dallas’ Bishop Lynch to a 5-7 campaign. The 5-11.5, 170-pound, QB was operating a pro-style set last season but will execute a Spread in 2020 with a greater emphasis on his skills in the pocket. The change in schemes should help bring company to the three scholarship offers already dropped in the lap of the three-star recruit.

In an RNG first-look interview partnered with QB Hit List, Light takes us into his QB room talking offense and recruiting.


Michael, there is a lot of talent in the TAPPS division. Knowing that each week presents a difficult challenge, how did you prepare for each game?

“Last season it was my first year on varsity, it was different. But I have always been in a position to deal with that kind of stuff. There was doubt on me after (4-Star 2021 QB) Kaidon Salter, he committed to Tennessee, transferred to Cedar Hill. Everyone thought it was the end of the world when he left. It was up to me proving I could fill that spot. I came in each week as the underdog accepting that role ready to prove people wrong each week.”

I like that attitude. What style of offense were you executing in 2019?

“We ran a pro-set, under center. This year we are going into a Spread, which should showcase my talents better.”

Which routes were your skill players running last season?

“Curls, slants, posts, go-routes, corners, and outs.”

Before the ball is snapped, what is your routine scanning the defense?

“Left to right starting with the left corner and then I see where the safety is at, then to the linebackers, up to second safety, and to the right corner.”

How did your overall talents improve during your junior run?

“I got more comfortable; it is a big step from JV to varsity. With each game I got more comfortable, and I caught up with the speed of the game; I was ready. I realized it was football still, and I had to keep doing what I know I can do.

“Last season, I improved throwing on the run; I’ve always been a dual-threat. I had to make quicker reads, faster decisions, I had to get the ball out quicker, have a quicker release, and my roll out game was better.”

Since the season ended, what have you been working on to improve any of the technical aspects to your skills?

“I have a QB coach, I am with him two to three times a week working on perfecting my mechanics, especially my footwork. This spring I have worked on mastering the uncomfortable throws, because not all the throws will be easy with a perfect pocket. I have to get the ball there anyway I can.”

How have you pushed forward your knowledge and understanding of the game over the spring months?

“I am always watching film, and I watch my film to see what I can do better, and not watching the highlights but full game footage. You have to watch your mistakes to improve; I am a firm believer in that. I’d watch game film to see what I did wrong, and I watch college football quarterbacks to see their reads.”

This offseason, what has been your workout routine?

“I was going to my QB coach a lot, doing a lot of resistance bands, which are important for quarterbacks, doing some free weights, medicine ball work, and dumb bell workouts.”

Let’s get into some recruiting. Which schools are showing interest?

“Just got done talking to Black Hills out of South Dakota, Eastern New Mexico, Army – they asked for transcripts, Houston Baptist – they were going to come up for spring ball but that was cancelled, Morehead State, Harding University, and Harvard.”

Which programs have offered?

“Community Christian, Carthage (WI), and Trine University.”

Are there any visits on the calendar for the coming months?

“A few visits, some camps and tours afterwards. I plan on visiting some of the West Virginia schools, Concord, and Fairmont.”

What short-term goals have you set for yourself?

“My first goal is getting good weight on. I want to be 180 or up to 185 pounds before the season begins. Season wise, I want to be Top 3 in passing in TAPPS. Saying Top 3 puts me in good company in TAPPS. Top 3 would be good for me.”

Last question for you. What is at least one thing you would like college football coaches to know about you?

“A lot of people will question my size, but my work ethic is second to none. I put in the work, my size has no play on the field. I will out work anyone.”

Michael, thanks for your time today and good luck with your workouts the rest of the summer until we talk again.

“Thank you.”


Photo credit: Bishop Lynch/Light family; Michael Light in action (2019)

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