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Recruiting RNG Interview

Interview 3-Star 2022 QB Joey Silveri Going for a Threepeat in Michigan

Written by Ryan Wright

Twitter: @RyanWrightRNG

The list of attributes that makes a difference from a good quarterback to great, is not long. Most high-achieving high school quarterbacks have a Saturday arm with a basic working knowledge of picking apart different coverages. The added differences in the pocket for the unique field generals raises the level of skill in those around them brining home victories and banners. At Grand Rapids Catholic, they have that leader in Class of 2022 quarterback Joey Silveri.

Silveri has one of the key attributes most high school players matriculating to the next level do not have, he’s a proven winner. The Cougars have taken back-to-back Michigan state championships with their quarterback earning first team All-State honors along the way (2019-20). As the Cougars marched to a 12-0 record in 2020, their three-star quarterback slung it for 2,011 yards with 32 touchdowns posted. Showing off his ground game, Silveri rushed for 754 yards with nine more scores going up on the board.

As one might imagine, college programs are looking in at the 6-1, 200-pound, dual-threat. Harvard, Yale, Penn, North Dakota State, Dartmouth, Johns Hopkins, and Ferris State are among the different teams scouting Silveri. The list is set to expand with an impressive list of college programs Silveri is ready to spin it for in the coming weeks.

In an RNG exclusive interview partnered with QB Hit List, Silveri breaks down his offseason workouts ahead of his busy camp schedule.


Joey, from the outside looking in, it appears you are living the quarterback’s dream executing the Cougars’ offense. What is the offensive philosophy of the team’s attack?

I’d say we’re are a balanced offense with a vertical attack. We take advantage with the numbers in the box and we move guys around a lot. One of our receivers is going to Miami, we’d move him around to exploit those matchups.

With you airing it out all over the field, how were teams trying to defend against your offense?

A lot of Cover 2 soft, more quarters in heavy personnel, 12- and 21-personnel.

As mentioned, it looks like much of the offense is vertical in nature, but down in the red zone receivers are crossing left and right. What were some of the routes you were throwing to within the scheme?

We did a lot of high-low route concepts. There are levels within it, our deep routes are 15 to 20 yards, then 12 to 15 yards, and a shell 10 yards and under. It is a touchdown to check down look.

When your junior campaign ended, what did you feel were the strengths to your skillset as a quarterback?

I thought I did a good job of being on time, reading coverages, and anticipating from my sophomore year.

This offseason how have you gone about fine-tuning your footwork and improving your hip drive?

By doing a lot of lifting, power cleans, hang cleans, and squats. I am working on drops, rolling out and setting up. I am doing a lot of throwing this offseason.

What are you focusing on with your release and throwing motion?

I am trying to get as quick as I can without sacrificing accuracy. I am working to get it out as fast as I can. This offseason I am working on speeding up my footwork to get it out faster.

Are you guys running the same offensive set in 2021?


To expand your understanding of the game, what are you doing this spring?

Watching a lot of film, seeing what I did right and wrong, and seeing how we attack teams, how they react, and how I can anticipate things better.

Have you gone to any national camps this spring?

Yes, I went to the Elite 11 Regional in Indy.

Awesome. How did that camp go for you?

It went well. There were a lot of guys there. It was fun to compete and see how I compare to other quarterbacks.

After throwing with other top quarterbacks in the region, how do you feel that you compare?

I think I didn’t perform my best, but I am just as talented as those guys. I have to keep working to stay on top.

Are you competing at any college camps this summer?

Yes, I am going to some MAC camps, Miami-Ohio, Bowling Green, and Ball State. I will also hit some Ivy schools, Penn, Harvard, Dartmouth, and Yale. This summer I am also planning on going to camps at Northwestern, Notre Dame, and Central Michigan.

Joey, sounds like you will have a lot of fun competing and learning from top college coaches from throughout the country this summer. Wishing you the best of luck at all the camps.

Yes, sir. Thank you.


Photo credit: Silveri family; Joey

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