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Interview: College Camp Circuit Ahead for 3-Star 2022 Georgia QB Robbie Roper

Written by Ryan Wright

Twitter: @RyanWrightRNG

After taking home first team All-Region honors for the 2020 high school football season, the summer college football camp circuit for Class of 2022 quarterback Robbie Roper won’t be daunting. The 6-3, 210-pound, dual-threat worked his magic against 7A Georgia teams throwing for 2,197 yards with 23 touchdown passes tossed and rushed for 350 yards with five more scores lighting up the big board. Word is spreading out through the region on the Roswell High School talent with an offer down from Western Carolina and interest spreading.

Summer time is camp time for high school football players. With a break from the academics, Roper is ready to showcase his talents at camps along the east coast.

In an RNG exclusive interview partnered with QB Hit List, Roper breaks down his play in the pocket, offseason workouts, and camp itinerary.


Robbie, you were airing it out for Roswell during the 2020 season. Running that Spread attack, how does it fit your talents and abilities?

It definitely let me showcase my arm strength and my football QI with my pre-snap reads. I was working my reads to each side before the snap. It is a great offense as a quarterback.

The formations varied, empty set or with one back and doubles and trips. With all the routes being executed on a given play, what is your pre-snap read?

Basically, I was looking at one or two high. We had some dudes that are playing big-time college football. With one high, we would take it almost every time.

Let’s keep with that; what were some of the coverages you were seeing?

During the regular season I faced one high or Cover 3, but really no man. In the playoffs, it was Cover 1 man most of the time.

Working against the different coverages?

Against man, we’d get our slot involved. Our slot receivers are fast. We used rub routes to get them open. In Cover 3, we’d throw go balls and do anything to manipulate the safety, curl routes stuff like that.

Your linemen were doing a great job giving you a clean pocket, but when needed you can scramble and throw on the run. What are some of the other strengths to your overall game?

Being able to escape the pocket, like you said. We had a great offensive line with Kansas and Austin Peay commits. I may do more escaping the pocket next year. The main one is my arm strength. You can tell on film. Going to the camps will be big for me this summer showcasing my arm strength.

Learning more about the game is important for every player at any position. What were some of the things or lessons learned from the 2020 season that has helped your progress as a quarterback?

Last year was our first year with our new coaches. This year I am learning the system better, going over it and we are adding more to it. This year you will see more from our offense.

Again, keeping with that. What will the 2021 offense look like? 

We will have the same base of plays but with more options for the receivers. Our coaches are putting more trust in us next year.

This offseason, what are you working on to fine-tune your footwork?

I am doing more escaping drills, more footwork drills, no matter where the rush is coming from, and working on getting out of the pocket and extending plays.

And what about with your throwing mechanics?

I am working on a quicker throwing motion, foot down and chest open. That allows me for a quicker release.

Have you been playing 7v7 this spring?

Yes, sir. I have been playing with Coach Raw on Team Raw.

How has the 7v7 season gone for you going up against top talent from within the state and around the country?

It is going good. Every week we have gotten better. In our last tournament we put it together and got to the championship. For me, it has definitely helped going against top players at every position. You can attack anyone.

Have you been to any national camps this offseason?

Yes, I have been to MVP camps. This summer I plan on going to two Mercer mega camps, a Lagrange camp and Kennesaw camps. I went to the Next Gen camp and an Elite 11 Regional and have been invited to The Show at IMG.

Tell me about the Elite 11 experience.

I feel like I threw well. It was great learning from the best QB coaches from around the country.

You just touched on some of the mega camps you will compete at; are you going to any individual college camps?

Yes, I am going to camps at Middle Tennessee, Charleston Southern, and Georgia Tech.

You have an offer from Western Carolina, which programs are showing interest ahead of your camp circuit?

Middle Tennessee, Charleston, Georgia Tech, Lafayette, and Fordham.

Robbie, I do appreciate your time today. Keep us in the loop on your camp circuit this summer.

Yes, sir. Thank you.


Photo credit: Roper family; Robbie Roper

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