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Recruiting RNG Interview

Interview: College Programs are Following the Progress of 2024 Texas QB Marcos Davila

Written by Ryan Wright

Twitter: @RyanWrightRNG

Texas 6A high school teams are being given fair warning for trouble coming on the horizon in Class of 2024 gunslinger Marcos Davila. The 6-3, 191-pound, freshman will get to rip apart junior varsity competition throughout the 2020 season with Lee High School (Midland) while learning the ropes behind a returning 3,700-yard passer in Mickey Serrano. When Davila gets those desired varsity reps, he will be doing so with an offer already on the table from Illinois State and with programs like Virginia, Kansas, Virginia Tech, Texas, TCU, Utah, Baylor, New Mexico, Clemson, and Nevada paying close attention.

In an in-depth RNG one-on-one partnered with QB Hit List, Davila talks to us about his skills in the pocket with a look at how he is quickly adapting to varsity competition.


Marcos, when you entered into the offseason this year, what did you feel were the strengths to your game as a quarterback?

My strengths are my passing, and I can run. Midland Lee is balanced on offense, they don’t always pass and they let the QB run; that is good for me. Other strengths of mine were anticipating throws and working with my receivers developing chemistry.

You are taking that next step working with Midland Lee High School for the 2020 season. How has that transition gone for you going up a level in competition and skill?

It was a little rough at first but we’ve been going hard. We’ve learned all the offense already. I was struggling a little bit, but I have gotten used to it. The speed of the game was a big transition.

What style of offense do the Rebels run?

We mainly run a Spread offense with some Air Raid. We run a lot of college plays like you would see from Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Houston, and Mississippi State.

What have you been doing to expand your understanding of the game and defenses this offseason?

Learning the reads on the plays, learning how to read defenses like a two-high safety and where to look. I have been watching a lot of film. We have people come out to record our practices. After each practice, I watch it and take notes to see what I can do better.

How have you been preparing throughout the spring and summer months with a focus on your mechanics and technique?

By going to different camps to help with my footwork and working on certain throws like on the run. I know when I throw to the left on the run that I need to keep my shoulder closed – stuff like that.

How have you been preparing for the upcoming season from a physical standpoint?

We had a QB program this spring. Our QB coach was going over everything on Zoom two to three times a week. I have also been lifting weights. During the summer I had friends come over to the house to lift and run sprints.

With all the training and hard work, where are you already seeing an improvement in your skills from last season?

Mainly reading defenses and making certain throws. I can read all the defenses now after working with my QB coach at Lee.

When do you guys start fall camp or have you already?

On September 7th we start two-a-days. We have started our strength and conditioning already.

Once fall camp gets going, what is the QB competition like for you?

We have two senior quarterbacks returning. Our starting quarterback on varsity led 6A in total yards (Mickey Serrano). Our backup quarterback plays RB too, he knows all the plays. We have a junior on the roster too. I’m competing for that starting JV spot.

Marcos, sounds like a great opportunity to get meaningful JV snaps in to grow your game while learning from an accomplished senior. Wishing you and the team the best of luck this fall.

Thank you.


Photo credit: Davila family; Marcos Davila

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