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Drew Viotto

Class of 2023

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  • Walled Lake Western
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  • Novi, MI
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  • Class of 2023
"Work hard and good things will happen"


Height: 6'3"

Weight: 210 lbs.

Pro Style

GPA: 3.6

Evaluation Scores

Size: 8.9

Footwork: 8.22

Accuracy: 8.32

Poise: 8.40

Arm Strength: 8.34

Pocket Presence: 8.30

Release: 8.38

Decision Making: 8.26

Throw on Run: 8.28

Touch: 8.24

Score: 86.04

Scouting Report

Drew has excellent size for a 2023 Pro Style QB at 6'3" 195 lbs. He’s a quick hitting QB who gets the ball out quickly. He uses the entire field with good vision. A strong running QB with good quickness, willing to take on would-be tacklers for additional yards.
His throws are in-line with his receivers, showing good accuracy when able to set up properly. A mobile QB, who can make plays out in the open field but loses a bit off accuracy while on the run.
He's a strong throwing QB, who's able to make plays up and over defensive coverage. Throws with a tight spiral, able to get the ball to his receivers in a hurry.
Drew throws the ball with a fully extended arm extension, able to pick up momentum upon release. High release point. Does a nice job adjusting the angle of his delivery when needed in traffic.
An athletic QB who's able to get himself to the outside with good speed. Strong forward momentum on his throws, as he zones in on his target.
Shows good agility within the pocket, able to move in all directions, while creating additional space for himself. Would like to see him improve on his first step and quickness while moving laterally.
Able to pick up on the defensive pressure. Good feel for the space around him. He’s a confident QB who not afraid to take chances.
He uses the entire backfield as his work area. Can sit in the pocket or take it to the outside, opening up additional passing lanes.
With more game experience, Drew will be able to work on his progressions, going from his primary to secondary outlets. Very aggressive with his throws, making them within tight coverage.
This will be another area in which he'll be able to work to improve on. Will need to tighten up on the trajectory of his deep passed, allowing for minimal drag. He does a nice job adjusting the velocity of his throws at the intermediate range, creating a softer delivery.
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