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Julian Lewis

Class of 2026

Dual Threat

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  • Carrollton Jr. HS
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  • Carrollton, GA
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  • Class of 2026
On a mission.....


Height: 5'11"

Weight: 150 lbs.

Dual Threat

Evaluation Scores

Size: 8.6

Footwork: 8.00

Accuracy: 8.00

Poise: 8.10

Arm Strength: 8.00

Pocket Presence: 8.06

Release: 8.04

Decision Making: 8.02

Throw on Run: 8.02

Touch: 8.00

Score: 80.84

Scouting Report

Julian has very good size for a 2026 Pro Style QB at 5'10" 140 lbs. He’s a very athletic QB who can hurt a defense in so many ways. Plays well above the level of competition. A playmaker on the field with loads of confidence.
His throws are in-line with his receivers, displaying excellent throwing mechanics and consistency. Working out of a spread formation, Julian’s able to throw darts throughout the field, with sharp precision.
Delivers the ball with high velocity and strong momentum on his release. He can reach any area of the field, making throws up and over zone coverage with a strong delivery.
Julian throws with an over the top delivery with a high release point, giving his throws added lift. A quick release as a result of the increased forward acceleration through his throwing motion.
Julian's an athletic QB who’s able to work to the outside in a hurry. He does an excellent job rotating his body and aligning it with his intended target.
He shows very good elusiveness and shiftiness as he maneuvers his way around defenders. Very difficult to contain out in the open field.
He can change the game's momentum in a hurry by his play on the field. Very impressed by his confidence and calmness while in competitive mode.
Julian has a good feel for the space around him, able to weave around traffic while creating space for himself. Very good agility in and out of the pocket.
He shows good patience as he allows the play to develop. Excellent read on the defense, hitting his primary targets right out from the gate.
This is an area of strength for Julian. Not only can he fire the ball into the secondary at short and intermediate range but he can also ease off the velocity, adding for a softer delivery in between zone coverage.
Georgia B2C 6th Grade POY02/09/2020
Georgia B2C 10u POY02/10/2019
Georgia B2C 9u QB of the Year02/10/2018
Georgia B2C 7th Grade POY02/28/2021
UANEXT 8th Grade All-American Selection03/20/2021

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