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Tevin Mazyck

Class of 2023

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  • Saint Paul’s
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  • Worcester, MA
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  • Class of 2023


Height: 6'2"

Weight: 190 lbs.

Pro Style

Evaluation Scores

Size: 8.9

Footwork: 8.26

Accuracy: 8.34

Poise: 8.40

Arm Strength: 8.32

Pocket Presence: 8.30

Release: 8.34

Decision Making: 8.30

Throw on Run: 8.28

Touch: 8.34

Score: 83.60

Scouting Report

Tevin has excellent size for a 2023 Pro Style QB at 6’2” 190 lbs. He's developing into college ready size, with still a few more years to grow. Very difficult to take down in the backfield, with lower body strength.
He’s on the mark with his throws, able to set up in the pocket as he carefully surveys the field. He shows good throwing mechanics which are very consistent. Good anticipation of his receivers routes.
He displays throws that reach over coverage. Able to get the ball to his receivers before the defenders have time to react. Able to generate momentum through his fully extended arm motion.
His throws are made with a consistent delivery. A side arm delivery with throws made with a fully extended arm motion.
Tevin is most comfortable as a pure pocket passer. He can work to the outside with good mobility if needed but he works best in the pocket, where he can tear apart a defense with his vision and accuracy.
Very good footwork on his drop backs as well as his set ups. An athletic QB who shows good mobility for his size.
He’s very calm while in the pocket, able to work through his progressions patiently. He shows confidence in his ability to lead his team downfield. Good feel of defensive pressure, able to side step for added space.
A tall presence in the backfield, able to see clearly over the line of scrimmage.
An intelligent QB who works well through his progressions. Does a nice job seeking out his primary receivers and releasing the ball without hesitation.
Very good at adding a soft touch to his throws, especially at long range. He can lay a soft toss in between coverage.

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