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Trent Pearman

Class of 2022

Dual Threat

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  • D.W. Daniel
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  • Class of 2022


Height: 6'2"

Weight: 180 lbs.

Dual Threat

Evaluation Scores

Size: 8.9

Footwork: 9.44

Accuracy: 9.48

Poise: 9.58

Arm Strength: 9.52

Pocket Presence: 9.50

Release: 9.54

Decision Making: 9.50

Throw on Run: 9.48

Touch: 9.46

Score: 94.40

Scouting Report

Trent has very good size for a 2022 Dual Threat QB at 6’2” 180 lbs. He's a true competitor, seeking out big plays downfield. Abel to work fluidly from a pocket passer to a dual threat. Tall platform with high release point.
This is an area in which he excels. Has thrown for a 84% completion rate this season. Able to hit his receivers with throws that are in-line with tight spirals. He’s deadly over the middle, throwing darts with good anticipation and timing of his receivers routes.
Trent's vertical passing game is one of his strengths, able to extend the field with bombs made over defensive coverage.
He has an over the top delivery that comes across with a fully extended arm motion. Able to generate momentum throughout his release, developing greater velocity throws.
Trent's a proven pocket passer but can take it to the outside with solid footwork and mobility. His throws are made with precision, able to maintain his accuracy while on the run. His throwing mechanics are dead on and consistent in any situation.
Good agility in and around the pocket. Shows good speed moving laterally as he tries to create additional space for himself.
Displays the maturity needed to lead his team as well as the patience and calm needed to get through a difficult situation. Trent leads by example, shows toughness through adversity.
A tough competitor who doesn’t give up on a play. Extending the play with his ability to navigate around the pocket for added space.
An intelligent QB who picks up on defensive reads, locating his best option receiver. Protects the football, making sure the ball gets to his receiver in a hurry with solid ball placement.
He’s skilled at making the right adjustments with his throws, either by adding extra mustard for high velocity throws or by taking something off for a soft touch.
UAB 11/09/2020Offer
Alabama06/15/2021Offer / Preferred Walk-On
Clemson University02/01/2022Offer


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