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Trip Ancheta

Class of 2024

Pro Style



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Height: 5'11"

Weight: 155 lbs.

Pro Style

Evaluation Scores

Size: 8.7

Footwork: 8.40

Accuracy: 8.40

Poise: 8.48

Arm Strength: 8.40

Pocket Presence: 8.46

Release: 8.42

Decision Making: 8.40

Throw on Run: 8.46

Touch: 8.42

Score: 83.00

Scouting Report

Trip has good size for a 2024 Pro Style QB at 5'11" 155 lbs. Stands tall in the pocket, able to survey the entire field. He throws with a high release point, adding height to his throws.
His throws are right on the mark, on target and in-line with his receivers. Showing good anticipation and timing of his receivers routes with good ball location. With consistency in delivery, his accuracy will continue to rise.
He throws the ball with increased momentum during his arm motion. High velocity throws which get to his receivers in a hurry.
An over the top delivery with a fully extended arm motion. Can sharpen up his footwork on his drop backs and set ups.
Very good speed to the outside as he maintains his vision downfield. Gets squared up with his receivers while delivering the ball with a softer release.
Good mobility in and around the pocket, while moving laterally in either direction. Good balance and speed while in stride.
His confidence level is building. With more game experience, he’ll be able to trust in his abilities to lead his team. A multi sport athlete, playing football and baseball.
Shows good patience within the pocket, allowing for the play to fully develop. Not easily distracted from the noise around him.
This will be an area of improvement as he picks up on more game experience. He does a nice job picking up on his receivers routes and hitting them in stride.
He’s able to make adjustments to the velocity of his throws to add a softer touch when needed. Tight trajectory made at longer distances.

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