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Recruiting 101 — Training

Training Tips for Quarterbacks

While watching film for evaluation purposes, I can tell within the first 30 seconds whether the QB has been professional trained or trains without instruction: it’s as clear as day.  College coaches and recruiters can quickly see if you’ve put the work in with a quality private QB coach.

Based on my experience, almost every QB who is properly trained and puts in the required workouts on a consistent basis are more likely to earn scholarship opportunities from collegiate football programs than those that don’t. Those are simply the facts. Training is a major part of what separates the average quarterbacks on Friday night from the elite quarterbacks who are picking up offers as a result of their superior skills displayed during games and at camps. At camps, where you may find 40-50 QB’s competing, you can easily separate the top 10 QB’s from the rest of the pack, based off throwing mechanics, footwork, body rotation and QB intelligence.

Private QB Coaching on the Rise

QB training has blown up recently with the emergence of private QB coaches who have made it their responsibility to teach the young ones the proper techniques of the position. High school coaches do a great job getting their players prepared for the season and during game week but don’t have the added time to work with QB’s individually as they would like to. This is where private training is essential in order to continue a QB’s progress throughout the year. A private QB coach can work with you and create a workout plan to accommodate the style of offense your high school team utilizes.

Performance Training

Getting offers doesn’t only originate from how well you understand the game, but also how athletic you are on the field. Performance training can be equally as important as dedicated QB training. They work hand in hand when it comes to the development of a QB. Speed, agility, durability, flexibility and strength are so critical in order to perform at a higher level. This is the reason why a few of the older NFL QB’s such as Tom Brady and Drew Brees have been able to stick around longer while not losing much on performance. QB trainers aren’t focused on how fast you can run a 40, what’s your vertical or if you can max on the bench. They’re most concerned about your QB mechanics, and that’s where the focus needs to be. Leave the other “performance” attributes left to those who do it professionally.

Off-Season Training

Time and money are valuable resources, so it’s important that they’re used efficiently throughout the off season. Personal training on a consistent basis is a necessity while competing at a camp/showcase can be used as an added supplement to your training. Camps can offer you the opportunity to work with a quality QB trainer who may provide different methods and techniques than you’re used to. Variety of training is always a good thing, if it’s taught properly.

My suggestion to all QB’s is to work locally with a quality trainer on a regular basis, while also placing value on your coaches and mentors’ efforts to improve the entirety of your abilities.


It’s one thing to get your film out there for college coaches to review, but it’s another to have them watch you compete against other QBs in person.

College camps provide a firsthand showcase of your abilities to an audience of college coaches and recruiters.  At these off-season camps, offers are materialized afterwards through your performance and sometimes given in person.

When Camps Take Place

College camps are run throughout the month of June, and the registration process begins for most camps in March-April.

Choosing Camps to Attend

There are more popular camps which will be very populated while there’s others that are lower key and have fewer quarterbacks. Deciding on which camps to attend depends on what you’re looking to accomplish.

Your priority should be to pick out your top school choices (Recruiting 101 – The Right Fit).  Signing up for camps at the universities you’re most interested in attending and where you have the best-established relationships will be ideal.

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