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EPT / RRElite QB Academy

Greenville, SC

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  • Greenville, SC
Finding true passion in educating and training the children and athletes of today to become the elite leaders of tomorrow.



Outdoor Training Location:
Woodmont Middle School, 325 N. Flat Rock Rd, Piedmont, SC

Inside Training Location:
Velocity Sports Performance, 100 C-1-75B, Piedmont, SC


EPT Football Skills Showcase
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"My son has trained with Coach Ramon for last five years. He is not the tallest guy on the field so we knew he would have to develop great footwork and throwing skills in order to get a chance to compete. I feel like he has progressively gotten better each year working out with Coach Ramon and now he is next in line to start varsity QB at a power 5A school.

If you have a young man that loves the QB position and shows some natural talent, then you have to get him on track to reach his potential as early as possible. The competition is fierce at every level and natural talent is not enough to win the job in most cases. The QB position is different than any other on the field. Coach Ramon played the position and understands what it takes to progress from middle school all the way to the professional level. He has trained hundreds of QB's that have excelled at the high school and collegiate level. Don't wait until its too late and you realize that you didn't get your son prepared early enough to meet the demands of the position. Every great QB you see on TV, Saturdays and Sundays, have had a personal QB coach at some point in their career."

~ Rick Lee • Dad of 2020 Hayden Lee (Dorman)


"Ramon Robinson is an excellent coach and mentor to young quarterbacks. My son Trad started working out with him as a freshman and it took his game to the next level. Trad wouldn't be playing D1 college football without Ramon Robinson!"

~ Alan Beatty • Dad of Freshman, Trad Beatty (Temple University)


"I am very thankful for EPT and Coach Ramon Robinson. Over the years that I have trained with EPT, I have not only fined tuned my athletic ability by developing into a division 1 QB, but also have grown in many ways off the field because of the family culture that Coach Ramon created."

~ QB Davis Beville of Greenville High (signed with Pittsburgh)


"Ramon Robinson has been our son’s quarterback trainer since he was in 4th grade and he is now a senior in high school. We have watched Ramon shape the lives of many young men over the last several years. He not only coaches technique but he is a motivator, a mentor, a friend, and their biggest fan. He has created a network of young men that has turned into a special brotherhood. He has taught these young men to be the best at their craft on the field but also leaders and mentors to those following in their footsteps. Ramon’s passion for mentoring these young men goes way beyond technique. You are not going to find a better person to help your young quarterback develop his skills and leadership!"

~ Todd


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