Player Info

- Walker Martinez
  • Size: 8.2
  • Accuracy: 7.96
  • Arm Strength: 7.98
  • Release: 7.92
  • Throw On Run: 7.90
  • Footwork: 7.94
  • Poise: 8.02
  • Pocket Presence: 7.98
  • Decision Making: 7.92
  • Touch: 8.02
  • Final Rating: 79.84

Walker stands in at 5'0" 90 lbs for a 2023 Pro Style QB. He's a pure pocket passer, able to see the entire field from behind the line of scrimmage. Gets the ball out in a hurry, giving the defense little time to react.
He’s able to make throws within the secondary that are right on target with his receivers. Does a nice job leading the receivers with good ball placement and timing.
His throws over the middle include high velocity and a quick release. Able to extend the field with a strong arm, able to hit his receivers in stride.
Walker throws the ball with a side arm delivery, with a full extension. Would like see Walker come from over the top for added height to his release. Able to develop increased froward momentum which gets the ball out quickly, giving the defense very little time to react.
Very comfortable in the backfield, shows good positioning of the ball and solid footwork. Squares up nicely with his intended target.
Good footwork on his dropbacks and also prior to his set ups. can work to add speed and quickness to the outside on rollouts.
He's a very confident QB on the field, trusting in his abilities to lead his team downfield. He does a nice job picking up defensive pressure, seeking out his initial target and getting ball out in a hurry.
He displays good patience and awareness in and around the pocket. Moves quickly out of the set, setting up with solid footwork.
Good read on the defense with his quick hitters over the middle and toward the sidelines. Will be able to improve on his progressions with more game experience.
This is an area of strength for Walker. He can be a finesse passer when a softer release is needed or can turn up the dial with high velocity throws in the heart of the defense.

  • 40 Yard Dash:
  • Shuttle:
  • Powerball:
  • Vertical:
  • SPARQ Rating:
Camp Date Camp Name Camp Location
Training Date Company Name Trainer Name
2015-2016D-BLOCKCoach D
  • QB generation winner
  • National Junior Honors Society

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6731 Long Shadow Way

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