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Blame no one. Expect nothing. Do something.

- Chris Evans
  • Size: 8.8
  • Accuracy: 8.78
  • Arm Strength: 8.74
  • Release: 8.82
  • Throw On Run: 8.76
  • Footwork: 8.74
  • Poise: 8.84
  • Pocket Presence: 8.76
  • Decision Making: 8.82
  • Touch: 8.78
  • Final Rating: 87.84

Chris has good size for a 2021 Pro Style QB at 6’0” 165 lbs. He’s able to see the entire field, standing in the pocket with a tall platform. A rhythmic passer who works well within the flow of the game.
His throws are in-line with his receivers, displaying a tight spiral and catchable ball. Very consistent in his delivery as he’s able to use the play-action to bring in the defense, opening up things over the middle.
Able to make throws with high velocity, getting to his receivers in a hurry. Extends plays over defensive coverage. Would like to see more of this in his game. Can be very effective in opening things up further.
Very good throwing mechanics with fluid motion. He has an over the top delivery with a fully extended arm-motion.
Chris is a pure pocket passer who can also work to the outside with good speed and quickness as he sets up for delivery. Shows good quickness out in the open field, while rotating his body as he lines up with his receivers.
Able to move in either direction with a quick first step, as he works to create added space for himself. Very consistent stride and balance on his drop backs and setups.
He’s very confident in his abilities as a QB, shows good patience while waiting for his receivers breaks.
Able to focus on the play, not easily distracted by the noise around him. He does a nice job creating space for himself.
Chris is an very intelligent QB, able to assess the defense and strike on a quick hitting plays to his primary targets. Works well through his progressions while on the go.
Has the ability of adding a soft touch on his throws by making the right adjustments to the velocity of his throws. Sharp trajectory on his long range throws.

  • 40 Yard Dash:
  • Shuttle:
  • Powerball:
  • Vertical:
  • SPARQ Rating:
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