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Pete Romito

Rising 3-Star 2021 New Jersey QB Andrew Butler Talks Football and Kentucky Visit

Written by Ryan Wright Twitter: @RyanWrightRNG Playing behind two seniors during the 2018 season had to be frustrating for Class of 2021 quarterback Andrew Butler, but the time on the sidelines watching and learning has not gone to waste. After a 12 for 19, 167-yard, sophomore season, Butler is now shredding North Jersey Super teams – Read More

College Selection 101

Recruiting 101 — The Right Fit

I’m asked this a lot by many parents, “when is the right time to begin the recruiting process?” My opinion would be that it needs to take place as the recruit is approaching the high school level, immediately after their 8th grade season. As soon as you enter into high school, you should personally assess – Read More

Training Tips for Quarterbacks

Recruiting 101 — Training

While watching film for evaluation purposes, I can tell within the first 30 seconds whether the QB has been professional trained or trains without instruction: it’s as clear as day.  College coaches and recruiters can quickly see if you’ve put the work in with a quality private QB coach. Based on my experience, almost every – Read More

Highlight Film Tips for Quarterbacks

Recruiting 101 — Highlight Film

A recruitment video is the most important marketing tool to promote yourself to college coaches/recruiters. Since most coaches and recruiters don’t have the time to travel throughout the country and visually evaluate recruits in person, a highlight film will often be used for evaluation purposes. Evaluators will only need to take a few minutes to – Read More

Social Media for Quarterbacks

Recruiting 101 — Social Media

Every college coach/recruiter actively maintains a social media account, so it’s very important to market yourself through social media (primarily Twitter). How Coaches Can Contact You The NCAA’s high school recruiting rules allow Dl & Dll coaches the ability to direct message recruits after September 1 of their junior year of high school. Coaches are – Read More

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